I can't be the only one

Who’d love to hear Oscar Mike say ‘wetter is better’?


Yea, cause you mean Marquis would get it wrong and go “weather is better” … :dukelol:



Of ALL the request threads so far, this was definitely an unexpected one.

I like that.


Every time I hear his voice it gets in my head! It’d be perfect, or even a reboot of the old Super Soaker commercials with Oscar Mike :joy:

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Benedict would also say something like this. But it wouldn’t seem right.

I genuinely completely missed the reference until just this very moment.

Honestly, that is such a perfect Easter Egg.

I had a back mounted super soaker cannon as a kid that, and this is a true story;

I found in the basement of the house we moved into, and we even called the previous owners and they said it wasn’t there.

I would’ve put Pyro Pete to shame with that thing.


Lucky bugger! I personally never had one :frowning: too poor as a kid. But the commercial used to get me pumped! :joy:


Super Soakers weren’t even a popular thing in Italy. So when I found that one when I moved to America I can liken it to finding your first Leg in BB. It was magical. “What manner of technology is this?”

I’m surprised GBX haven’t made a super soaker joke yet, what with their Splash E Techs in BL practically being a deadly super soaker.