I can't beleive you guys are not reading about this. Battleborn related

Ok i m not going to make fun of GB on this but a bit of news about Battleborn has surfaced and its not the good kind that people are going to see. Again im hear to report this and not make fun of it or rag on the company for it. So hear goes.

Randy tried to promote BB to a cartoon porn site and it failed badly. Link:http://gameraven.com/news/randy-pitchford-tries-promote-battleborn-via-porn-backfires-horrendously

This is making the rounds on the web right now and i just can’t beleive that no one on this entire site is reporting on this even in the battleborn section. I’m just a messenger guys.

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Not interested in the porn angle - really don’t want to know what happens on that subreddit, certainly not going to look. It’s a shame Randy Pitchford dignified it at all by linking to it (edit: uncool phrasing by me, see mea culpa below.) Poor judgment imho.

At the same time, it’s frustrating how articles like this demonstrate no critical sense whatsoever. Too much social media commentary on Battleborn is really just a surrogate for those who want to take a crack at Pitchford (about whom I know nothing). That’s incredibly unfair to the team actually working on and expanding this hugely-underrated game. It’s got a wealth of content, personality, and promise that can’t be reduced to the foibles and persona of one man, no matter how prominently he may be associated with it in the public eye.

I’m tired of lackluster game journalism that scarcely acknowledges how the Battleborn backlash says more about gaming politics and the legacy of bad PR than it does about the game itself. By rights, a gaming media with a conscience should be concerned about the way in which PR and celebrity can overshadow and even potentially scuttle genuinely exciting, original game ideas. Instead these articles just seem to feed off the scandal and pander to the crowd that’s inciting it in the first place. It’s tabloid-level stuff.


I’ll reply with a straight up answer. Sex sells and we all love it. Randy tried something new for the success of Battleborn. We can argue about the devs integrity, criticize all we want but keep in mind the game is a business. It has to regenerate profit one way or another. I don’t blame Randy for trying this new approach. He really cares for the success of Battleborn and is willing to go the extra mile to accomplish it.

As a side note: I actually find the porn pictures funny.


This is not a case of “sex sells”, which is an empty statement in the first place. Linking the game to the work of an amateur porn community is absolutely not something that “we all love.”

edit: tempered down my language.

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I’m with you on this and I’ll even go one step further, I think it’s kinda funny and now I want to find those pictures. Lol

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Why are you two acting so oblivious to the fact that this brought ridicule onto the game? You can’t possibly argue it was a savvy move when it very predictably backfired.


Oh it’s not savvy at all but I don’t think it’s the end of the world and it’s not affecting my decision to play the game at all. I’m an adult and I’d imagine most people playing this game long term are adults.


It will affect your ability to play the game long-term, regardless of whether it affects your decision, if it throws up negative PR smoke precisely at the moment the Battleborn dev team is trying to win new players with their massive update.

The sex is a sideshow. It’s a question of judgment (and taste.) Some of my income comes from erotica/romantic fiction so believe me when I say my response isn’t based in prudishness.


Ugh and just as I began to think a lot of the trolling on Battleborn was dying down. This is such a stupid thing for a CEO to do.


[quote=“legendoflink2288, post:7, topic:1554432”]
I don’t think it’s the end of the world and it’s not affecting my decision to play the game at all. I’m an adult and I’d imagine most people playing this game long term are adults.
[/quote]Exactly how I feel.

I can’t find another reason why Randy would link BB to a porn site except to promote and sell more of the game hence my “trite” statement “Sex Sells”. Then again we don’t know if it actually attracted more customers. Based on the article, the writer doesn’t seem to think so.

First issue right there is the automatic assumption the intention here was to promote the game.

This is the troll chatter / hate factory deciding the narrative on their own because they just want to ride the hate train because it feels good to think you are better than someone else because you made the “better” choice.

This is a thing that happens everywhere and when it applies to something you chose to do as a career (such as working in technology) it can be a horrible feeling to get told that your total worth is nothing because the choices you have made invalidate everything you do.

A wonderful person wrote a blog on it that while it IS about contempt in technology, it is still highly relevant to gaming culture where the same thing is happening and it is just plain sad and wrong.

Going back to the tweets, the thing to understand is that for people to make porn (or any kind of unusual content) for something, there actually has to be a liking for the thing in the first place. So while the subject material might be distasteful to many of us and not representative of the community as a whole, there are legitimately people out there that like the game enough to want to do this kind of thing and now their corner of the internet has been viciously attacked by all the haters that were brought in because of those tweets.

They were pissed about this happening, it was like someone coming into your house, destroying all your furniture and “drawing” on the walls.

This is what the Battleborn community ACTUALLY think about all the nasty comments currently flooding the Internet (courtesy of @Solus_Scientist).

TLDR; We don’t care. We are having fun and we don’t care.


The writer seemed to hate battleborn. The tone of the article annoyed me a little. I’m bias though, I really wanted battleborn to be successful.


It’s hard to ignore trolls when the CEO of the company is feeding trolls. I love this game and have defended it for months. This is colossally stupid. I feel like Lisa Simpson defending her Dad right before he drives by the school bus in a stolen ice cream truck.


I see your point, and I probably should avoid shaming the creators of the BB porn (especially as it’s awful they were caught in the cross-fire.) As I said, I don’t know what the content is like - maybe it’s really tasteful and creative, I don’t know. I’m sure my own posts here are seen as tasteless by the standards of other people.

So I shouldn’t have condemned that Randy Pitchford “dignified it.” Maybe more precisely, I find it poor judgment that he drew special attention to it when it doesn’t seem to me that it’s the kind of community that is soliciting outsiders anyway - that is, his tweet itself seemed to invite ridicule on that community. Which is bizarrely counter-purpose, because why would he want people to be mocking any element of the game or its community at this point in time?


That picture made me lol. It’s exactly what happened to me when friends were trying to convince me to quit BB to go play OW with them.

The interest of revenue in a business can overwrite a lot of principles. Keep that mind people

I’m bias as well. Specially towards writers that make a living on providing bad reviews and/or feedbacks towards an amazing game that I enjoy. Luckily for me I learnt to control my anger through Martial Arts training lol

Quite frankly, it might be better for GBX if Pitchford wasn’t CEO anymore. Only thing he’s doing is giving the developers more problems with stupid descisions.

Am I the only one whose just reminded of that one guy complaining on the forums that the game can’t be successful because it didn’t have enough porn.


Correct! The fact of the matter is Sex sells. It’s one of the reasons why OW became so popular

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Have you ever noticed that most of the “why are you still playing a dead game” jagoffs on Twitter have openly-racist/misogynist profiles? I’m not trying to be cute, I’m not trying to stir up crap. But out of curiosity I glance at their profiles and it’s all anime-avatar white supremacy, Pepes, and MAGA. With maybe one exception and that’s giving an imperfect memory the benefit of the doubt (it’s not like I screenshot them).

I bring this up because even if I didn’t honestly, sincerely enjoy the game as much as I did, I think I’d keep playing it just to spite them.


Completely remember that post. He said the game is doomed because there wasn’t R34 for it yet. That made go look up what that meant.