I can't beleive you guys are not reading about this. Battleborn related

Well your wrong there. I found an entry on youtube about it along with n4g.com and several others. So it is making the rounds just not the places your usually looking.

Unless it hits like Gamespot, IGN, or Kotaku, it’ll blow over. People tend to have short term memories of not so popular games.

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Woah woah woah… I hope you mean Randy V. Randy Pitchford is hated by pretty much everyone on the reddit sub, and nearly everyone else who knows about Pitchford aside from those on this forum. Gearbox has my full respect but what good has Pitchford done?

The whole world could possibly hate a single person but that’s not a good reason for me to do so as well. Just like Kitty, I don’t dislike Randy P.


Sorry, but where is the promotion here? Because of the CEO’s musings? On cartoon bump and grind?

Howay guys.

I do not see the premise of ‘promotion’ here in the least bit. The internet is a giant chasm of every pornographic kink you could plausibly imagine, the idea that some one who has managed to become the CEO of a corporation would presume to think that showing fan drawn pictures of cartoon boobies would be enough to create a noticeable shift in the game is beginning to border on the absurd.

Randy P. is meant to interact with his player base, as he did, and perhaps this wasn’t the most popular method. But he’s doing what he is meant to.

New era journalists are meant to react to news and run with it to the umpteenth degree, as he did, and considering it is for a publication I’d not heard of til today. I would say he’s doing what he is meant to do.

We, the fans, use the information to further whatever perspective we already have, ignoring the reality of the situation for the convenience. We’re doing what we’re meant to.

One side will be outraged, the other side will be supportive to no end, one side will say that they told everyone so without having the necessary evidence, and everyone will go back to what they were doing before the news spread.

May the Gods bless everyone for their opinion, but I don’t give a damn if the man is posting ‘lets draw’ videos on youtube of Kelvin getting it from Toby. Play the game if you enjoy it, don’t if you don’t, I can’t see where the struggle comes in folks.


Regardless, this is the Gearbox forum. And Randy is an employee of Gearbox. Calling him a moron does violate the forum rules which specifically state not to do.

In short, don’t call him, or any other Gearbox employee a moron. Please and thank you.

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K. Fair enough. At this point I consider Pitchford… just Pitchford. I will keep my Pitchford complaints to the subreddit.

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Kelvin getting it from Toby.

This made me laugh SO f*cking hard, haha! What in God’s name made you think to pair THOSE two?! Ah… I’m crying from laughing over here.

Also, i fully agree on the “internet is full of every kink imaginable” part, and while i REALLY hope that the Internet doesn’t get ideas from the above-qouted line, i grudgingly accept others’ rights to create such a personally disturbing scenario.



Blow over maybe, but the memory of it will linger for quite sometime believe me. Remember Pax? Alot of people still remember it till this day along with the aliens fiasko. Sure it will go away but the damage has been done to a degree that people will remember regardless.

Nobody cares about the PAX thing anymore. Oh no, they did a skit that wasn’t funny, the horror!

At this point you’re just trying to stir up negative feelings man, no matter what the 70 denials and “I’m just the messengers” in your OP say.

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Doesn’t bother me that much and actually find it funny somewhat, hope they put a mission in BL3 with someone trying to up their sales with some pron… Lol

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That is…


I don’t know how someone could be mad about this.


Well, they have all those magazines that Scooter and Censorbot want you to collect. And claptrap has his softpron pin-ups. So your suggestion really isn’t too much of a stretch at this point.

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I guess ill drop this before the crowd on here like a few begin to make the gallows for me and lead me up the gang plank.

My original two replies were condemning it. I thought it was a dumb thing to do. Between this and the ridiculously long Pre-Sequel DLC thread, I think it’s obvious who has the bias here.

But let’s leave it at that, at the risk of drawing the ire of the Mods.

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Lol that was my reply to an ingame friend when she asked “what is your thought on this uprising pitchford news.”

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While you’re not wrong, I just found the combination of these to be somewhat hilarious

I am afraid. I am very afraid

Why did I come back to this mind’s-eye-scathing thread? Eh, interesting read I suppose

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I don’t have bias on anything bud. It was news and i was just posting it. That was all.

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Old thread. Ninja edit.