I cant believe i believed in Gbx.. I got letdown again and again. Regret buying s2. Pics. This is not fun

This is my experience post patch april 8th. Boss drops are like this. Same.as mayhem 2.0.bugs…

post Dlc 6 april 8th patch mayhem 11. My whole experience is a sea of green and purple now.

Update: non mayhem drops more loot.
Diamond loot room: had legendarys and Majority of items were blue and purple non uniques

I left because there is no rewards for some people playing. It doesnt effect everyone. This happend before in mayhem 2.0

It took months and. Hotfixes didnt fix it. Eventually i gave up as dlc3 rolled in. Something happend cuz i came.back last month with the steam sale. Game seemed.fine to be improving and well drops were more than generous. Dedicated drops were there.

Now newest patch rolls in ok less.loot thats fine…

But then boss after boss. Dlc bosses one time loot chest… Greens and purples…

Wtf this is just like before i left. Despite all the trolls and horrible people on the forum telling others they have to olay for 8 hrs nonstop grind for one item. And those fake bl2 “pros” who probably couldnt farm invincibles at all. Who said bosses hardkey dropped… They always dropped something from a limited “pool list”

Here i get generic greens and purples.

At this point i seriously want my money back. I want nothing to do with gbx i feel like.

The forums will be full of ppl telling u the games fine like theyre a game dev…evennifnit was confirmed a bug before… all these youtubers got me hyped to have fun… Well k cant have fun…

Just like in. Mayhem 2.0 it didnt effect everyone. For some reason ppl get negative values for drops because crap they do in patches and hotfixes… I just care about the end result… Its not fun.

For those of you who get to enjoy the game and its loot im glad for you… But realize this happens to alot of us.


this is how i remember bl2 and i actually think its way better than the orange spam


How exactly “negative values for drops” would work? Gun disappearing from your backpack? Now that would cause a riot… :slight_smile:

Thats a completely different game. Unique Blues could down bosses. Only like 3 or 4 purples.are useful in this game.

My axton was a raid boss with a million hp lol… I could do all sortsa builds. This game is homogenized. Legendary or bust.

I never remember giant bosses only dropping greens no stop… I.had over 500 hrs. They had dedicated pools… We had list online dedicated to show what u could get… So.whatever.

No ones ever killed terramorphus n got 3 greens.

Happend witg me.killing love n tentacles invincible lass guy too before i quit… It’s a bug.


I should gjust earnestly try to get a refund…Yeah i need to.quit coming to these forums. Ill just get trolled.


i guess killing raids is different to killing private beans
i got a legendary from the warrior one in 20 times


Nope your not alone. This needs to be addressed since for some drops WERE fine.


Gearbox really just can’t win. Back when borderlands 2 was popular and relevant, people complained that they never got legendaries and the drop rates sucked and they hated they couldn’t get gear.

So in response, gearbox listened to that feedback and they made it so endgame borderlands 3 dropped legendaries like candy, and then you got people complaining that legendaries were dropping too much and it made them feel less special if you got 4 legendaries after finishing one mob area.

Now, Gearbox has once again listened to fans and not only lowered legendary world drop rates, but they gave us an annoint reroll machine so you only needed to get one version of the legendary you wanted. That’s why you don’t get 50 something legendaries when you do a run of slaughtershaft anymore. Because you can reroll whatever annoint you get into something you do want, so you only need the item to drop once. And here you are complaining because you need to farm something.

I do not envy the job of Gearbox.



It’s also nowhere near the level of Borderlands 2’s drop rate, so I dont see what the uproar is for. I just finished the Slaughter Shaft and got 20 legendaries. The Maliwan TD before that netted me 15 or so; 9 from Wotan, 3 from Valyrkies, and the reminding 3 from mobbing.

That’s 35 world drops from two activities… lol. I dont think I ever got near that amount in my total time playing BL2, which was 60+ days spread across the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. But whatever…


Mayhem 11 already had reduced drops from Mayhem 10 and they added the extra nerf across the board. It’s meant to be stingier for those wanting a challenge without modifiers and as much loot.

I’ve been testing things with Mayhem off and Mayhem 1 with Lootsplosion, and drops are reduced, but still I get a world drop from bad asses every few mobs, and Legendary hunt targets are dropping their loot as did Hemivorous and the Seer. I ran the Slaughter Shaft and it was nowhere near as abundant but a handful of items dropped.

I managed one world drop from a chest in Konrad’s Hold as I was mobbing my way around.


I don’t see you being trolled honestly. There are people here describing to you how it could be a lot worse than what you’re experiencing. The previous games this would happen as legendary drops are not a guarantee. Most games that offer that kind of guarantee are fairly stale with updates events and typically haven’t had new content added after release. The pleasure of getting what you wanted from killing a boss is the reward in itself. Comparing Terramorphous to a boss is also a very weak argument. One was designed to be a end game 4 person raid boss vs an optional boss as you’re picturing above with Killavolt.

I can tell you’re frustrated with the drops you’re getting but while some people do have this occur every once in a while, doesn’t mean they will experience this the whole time. I would recommend using the Borderlands Science booster from Tanis’ lab and pick the Buttstallion milk and try a few more times and see if your drops are better than what you’ve pictured above.

Also I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don’t think you’ll be getting a refund if you put over 500 hours into the game. It genuinely sounds like you enjoyed it.


Maybe they should not go to the extremes as in “making legendaries drop like candy” in the first place then?


Well, to be fair, for the particular subject of drop rates it is really difficult to get players to feel a difference without being rather extreme. Gb already tried incremental approach and it did not work.For instance let s say your original low drop rate is 1% you can multiply it by x 5 and it will still feel low, and then you have mayhem to factor. Now with a more confortable % you can easily get showered because a % drop rate is a statistic average it has not the same meaning as for instance a % damage that is constantly giving the same result everywhere every time.

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Then what should they do? Oh, I know ! Remove every Legendary !

IMHO, this is how the game should have been from the getgo…

But then again, GBX being GBX… It’s far to late and it’s only 1 thing done in a series of needed changes…

Lowering legendary (world) drops requires the non legendary loot pool to be actually viable (currently legendaries just completely overshadowed everything else)

Balance is still an issue…

Anoinments are still OP or completely useless… There’s no in-between…

Difficulty scaling/mayhem is still broken and trash…

Haven’t played for weeks/months… And this ‘game’ still feels like they are in ■■■■■■■ BETA :expressionless:


And with the rng in this game, how many of them were usable items?
This game needs crazy WDs as it takes forever to get sth good …


For me personally? Zero, as I always ignored 99% of world drops because A) most of my builds (lol all 3 of them) consist of primarily dedicated drops with exceptions for guns like the hellwalker and Maggie B) always thought the large majority of those items were lackluster, regardless of the anointment. You know, your quasars, bouncing pairs, woodblockers, muskets, etc

so playing around. Turning mayhem off things drop fine. Mayhem 10 seems no diff than mayhem 11 for me.

My Diamond Loot room had some legendaries.But my diamond loot room had Majority purples and blues NOT UNIQUE

some discord/steam friends have farmed hemovorous nonstop and gotten only the artifact and 0 of the thet legendarys… On mayhem 10.
Mayhem 10 is preferrable cuz its actually easier with root and other guns

Great reward for a raid boss!

Meanwhile the elites at gbx forum.will say.

U have to farm.hemo at least 30 times for 1 leggo in mayhem.mode!

Gbz forum elite pppl be like "Non unique Purples and blues in diamond looot room is great "

Everything is fine!

Gbx elites when takedown wasnt dropping its loot at all. Games fine you want a handout.

For reasons beyond me not everyone had the same issue but we made logs comparisons video even.

Still the gbx elite said. Games fine i feel so bad for gbx…

It wont get addressed because elites like private storm…

I remember we had a forum going during mayhem 2.0

Ppls.logs combined everyone doing at least 10 takedowns… Some ppl did like hundreds.
Was definitely a bug… But we can’t reach gbx because of “elite opinions” on here.

Games fine to them. Evennwhen gbx patches stuff.

I know this will require a patch but last time i waited months.

I paid for something fun… I was having fun again. They took it away this patch. Now i cant even farm for my build at my desired difficulty. Im thensort that kills something 20-30x

I farmed warden. For literally 8 hours before
Thats rediculous and not healthy nir do i have the time to farm like that. Its unreasonable.

They fixed the game to be more healthy and fun pre april 8th.

But im sure some clown like frozen will say i want. A handout.

Gbx listens to those ppl.


Well, if non mayhem actually has more world drops than mayhem 10, then it’s definitely a bug that needs to be addressed

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