I can't believe my eyes! New Moze Buffs

Dakka Bear – When a player is in the gunner’s nest, Iron Bear’s weapons and turret will now deal increase damage

Force Feedback – Added an instant 10% shield restore on top of immediately beginning shield recharging

Rushin Offensive - Added to skill: While sprinting, the Gunner also steals health with her weapons

Redistribution - Adds health regeneration as well as ammo regen after crit

Scrappy - Adds weapon damage to the skill

Torgue Cross-Promotion - Skill also now increases splash damage

Vladoff Ingenuity - Skill also now provides a shield regen rate bonus

And with 1 update, Gearbox fixed Moze


All that health and shield regen…and TCP finally will be useful

I’m going to sit back and watch all those who change moze for zane or amara coming back with their tail between their legs hahahaha

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It feels great when all your Moze builds are using the green tree. It just so happened I optimized my builds to use Rushin Offensive and Scrappy (instead of Iron Bank and Matched Sets). The updated bonuses are really nice.

The regens are awesome. However I didn’t read anything about IRON BEAR and FLAK (poor guy lol).


What are we gonna do with Sapper now btw? That needs to be reworked.

Great buff to those skills, but now we have to check the % IMO Sapper will be still useful and even more now with the new bonuses.


We don’t know how much life steal / regen we’re gonna get. Not to mention you lose all LS when you throw a grenade, since you cant sprint and throw nades at the same time. So maybe aditional LS from the COM will be needed in higher Mayhem.


No fix for Means of Destruction
cries in PS4


You may lose LS, but if you have PTHP and Redistribution, the grenades can give you hp regen now without Vampyr.

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Blood letter Moze may have a place in high level end game with Rushin offensive and redistribution now. Holy crap!

Lol also RIP sapper mod.

Hm. There are still a few things. Quality of life mostly. MOD on Ps4 wasn’t addressed officially either.

But overall this is beautiful.


Just noticed this in the FX part of the notes:
Addressed a reported concern that particles could obstruct the player’s view if entering Iron Bear while status effects were active

Blind Iron Bear no more!!!


I missed that.
That is HUGE

All Moze mains be like

… to get their hp back :rofl:


Never gonna stop sprinting now. Just run home, Moze.

I’m almost worried we got too many good talents now, don’t know what to choose.

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Oh damn i just noticed they removed the Forge + Cilck Click + Vending machine trick. That’s gonna change at least some Click Click centered builds.

Ah ok lol no more Click Click for me. That’s 3 free talents.

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I personally dont use Click Click if i’m going all the way to forge so that my ammo slowly depletes (unless i’m doing a zero ammo build, like with rockets or something)

Click Click is easier to proc if you have a medium capacity weapon and you intend to run out of magazine in each encounter. It’s kinda hard to “use” but in any case, it’s not necessary anymore if you’re speccing into some of the new buffs.

Scrappy gonna be required now for BM builds

Buffs are nice, but I found this VERY interesting.

Also, beam nades are back? Maybe?


Yeh the shooting star should be really good now, especially for Melee Amara.

This may be a problem for 36 mag Ion Cannon spamming builds.

This is another nice fix.