I can't believe my eyes! New Moze Buffs

It won’t be a problem for high mag launcher builds. Regen was already based on >36 mag size you just didn’t get the rockets.

It’s better for those builds.

Torgue Cross-Promotion - Skill also now increases splash damage

im scared and excited at the same time

I’m worried about rockets going outside the mag and causing a reload making me lose the Beastmaster bonuses.

Don’t know anything about fl4k.

But the mag size was capped at 36 before because that was the maximum amount of rockets you could carry. If they increased it to say 48 or something, you would just need to boost your mag size further.

But I don’t talk about fl4k, no idea if he can mag boost.

Beastmaster was a blast master typo there, lol.

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Haha OH. Then yeah, it shouldn’t matter and is buff. Just increase mag to max.


Does anyone know what this note means?

Addressed a reported concern where the Forge capstone ability for the Gunner would not fill up the user’s magazine when the reserve ammo is filled up after firing the weapon

Is that them addressing the issue where ammo picked up from the ground would fill up your cache and then Forge wouldn’t regen the full mag? If so, that would address this concern:

I’m worried about rockets going outside the mag and causing a reload making me lose the Beastmaster bonuses.

I hope that’s what they mean

I still want to see Vampr chaned to “whenever splash damage is dealt”.

Legit best. I’ve been waiting to use this shield without exploits.

Also windscreen wipers are appreciated.

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Literally no thank you. Vampyr works amazing as a Health Refill under the current setup due to how grenade radius works. It just doesn’t play super nicely with Bloodletter.

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Yep. No more Sitorak excuses because they unintentionally stack.

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Gearbox! Thank you!

Not really, it forces you to constantly spam grenades which should be encouraged, not requiert. The way it works now is just bad game design.

I think with redistribution healing on crits it should be enough not to force Moze to spam grenades unless you are taking heavy damage.

Use larger exploding grenades. Don’t think so linearly.


with the right setup, i might be able to not use a CMT anymore :smiley:

At what context does Moze need to keep spamming grenades? Are we talking about True Takedown again?

Even at solo True Takedown, I cannot constantly spam grenades – meaning keep throwing grenades non stop – because there’s gonna be a point where I will lose grenades. I run Splash Moze with a splash gun.

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Whoa – nobody puts baby in the corner.

I wonder if Dakka Bear will be the new IB meta. Might make Auto Bear crazy good with nukes if the damage increase is substantial (if it works on AB).

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But my baby is the piss O: