I can't do it Capt'n! Helio adv HC Solo

Any of you guys pull this off?

Helio advanced hardcore, Solo?

I’m not dying, it’s just that first timer.

Over and over again. Every character, just too many heavy Thrall eat the timer.

Thought for sure I could do it as Kleese but still needed about 3 more minutes.


I have gotten close with OM and thorn but died on the boss waves with both of them. Warlord nix and that conservator get me every adv hardcore run I swear.
Also do you try and go through the area between the two shard clusters?
With OM it’s good to launch aoes on the spawn beacons and all the brutes that spawn will be stunned and it will give you times to crit them.

I’ve done it 2 player with OM and Whiskey, very close solo with WF (Rendain killed me in the last phase… sad trumpet noises)

I mostly play PvP though so I haven’t had time to properly try for it solo, but hmu if you want to try with a 2 player lobby!

Musklati and Nix are probably the hardest, I like to fight them both on the Ekkunar Isle. Everyone else I fight on the Bliss Isle. I only pass through the Tempest during Gunhulks shield phase.

…To save on time, when that is a factor, I always go the safe way, except with Pendles.
So from the start, go Right, then when that shard is busted come back to Deande and go the other way.
This can really save you time but of course you loose points.

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…Yup, I can do it 2 player with just about anyone, well except Miko. :smile:

I managed to get it second try with Pendles. First time I got knocked off the edge and hadn’t taken the lunge helix for mobility. I want to say I had about 3 minutes to spare (skipped the bridge), which is closer than usual for me but reasonable for solo and playing cautiously.

He’s got lots of lifesteal options for survivability once you get past the first set of enemies on your way to the residential shard, but I had to take it slow on them because I didn’t think to load myself out with health regen gear. After getting the survivability, it’s just a matter of wailing on a few enemies, losing some life, injecting a group to heal back to full, losing more life, and smoke-bombing out of there to reset cooldowns.

The biggest time-save I probably did was ignoring any enemies when a warp anchor went down, instead taking out the anchor ASAP. This especially speeds up the part before entering the temple district shard, because that’s almost purely warp anchor spawns.

One nice thing is that a well-aimed injection to the back of a Brute is a 1-hit kill at higher levels, which not only gets them out of the way, but also gives neat extra score for a quick kill. Other than that, I just try to get crits when engaging the other big thrall. Also, he’s the fastest moving Battleborn (when cloaked), and he can deactivate the shard defenses with no aggro, so I always dove into the shard area as soon as it opened to get that started, before returning to kill the things I had skipped.

Once you get to the boss waves, it’s a cakewalk, because you can cancel aggro at any moment. I was going for Gold, so whenever Nix and Rendain spawned adds, I would tour the map to kill them for the extra score.

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Solo, no but I did it with a five man. We all wanted to blow out brains out by the end of it, though so keep that in mind. xD

…I really wanted to do it with Kleese because he does such a good job solo in all areas but again, the time.
Yes Pendles I have done advanced Helio with no damage taken at all. I’ll try him again on Adv HC.
Thanks for the input.

…Not to be harsh, but… no duh. :smile:
This is a Solo challenge, the only problem is that first timer.

5 man is actually more difficult on advanced. Solo is the only real way to do them easily. With the exception of Helio and Sabo, they are all very easy with a one man. Advanced Heilo and Sabo suck regardless.

I was just trying to add to the conversation. ;-;


…It scales yes but adding just one person makes HC easier, because nobody has to die.

Run Oscar Mike, or Deande with good cooldown gear. Cloak makes most parts easy.

Also, I’m not sure if you’re intending it, but I’m feeling some animosity from your post, did I say something wrong?

…I’m 55, a Lumberjack, so no, just the way I normally talk. :slight_smile:

Just did it as Pendles, had 4 minutes left but Rendain knocked me off the center when it started even though I was cloaked.
Rendain and the Gunhulk both sense Pendles and will knock him in Helio.

Going to try again as Pendles and this time have a nade ready to toss at the very start of the Rendain opening.
Pretty sure I’m not alone when I say the knockback in Helio is excessive.

Oh yeah, Rendain’s knockback needs a HARD nerf. But if you can do that as pendles, I’ll personally give you a high five. His low health and damage might be problematic.

Yup, I don’t loose any health as Pendles, up until the knockback it was a snap.
He saved at least 7 minutes over Kleese on the first part because I did not have to fight through door openings.

Attikus. Bring Attack Speed gear.

Spec Invigorating Pounce, Tenacity, Hedronic Regeneration, Swift Strikes.

I guarantee you won’t die unless you get knocked off the stage.

Thanks. :wink:

update: Going to try again and again today but the last fail yesterday was frustrating.
The bug where the Foreman dies and does un-ending super novas happened. (Major bug!)
He was in the center, I was on the grass island, far far away…
As I watched suddenly the novas killed me instantly, with full heath and shield. :rage:

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Yeah, the biggest bane of this stage is the knockback. You have to play in a very weird way to avoid getting knocked off. It’s such a cheap failure, too…

Will GBX ever do anything about it though?

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(Will provide lots of tips if requested)


Oof. Sorry, should have added a disclaimer about no guarantees on bugs :smiley:

Congrats on finally clearing it though!

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