I can't download the game in Steam

(Meodp17) #42

So, does distributing steam backups violate the rules?

(Meodp17) #43

This is blindingly stupid of me, this game requires a 64 bit OS and I have a 32 bit OS. Is this why it doesn’t work? Steam is busy finding a 32 bit version that doesn’t exist?


I’m experiencing the same issues on a 64 bit machine, so my guess would be “no”.

(Malice123) #46

Getting the same issue.

Purchased the game, I don’t even get a ‘Play Now’ to initiate a download. I simply get…nothing, just says ‘purchased today’.

No download no nothing. No folder.

Restarted steam/PC numerous times nothing.


(Not actually Jesus Christ) #47

The beta is over. And the game isn’t out until may.

(Nitpick Rank 100) #48

In case anyone has this problem with main game, try this:

  1. get steamcmd
  2. log in
  3. @sSteamCmdForcePlatformBitness = “64”
  4. app_update 394230