I can't even believe that just happened

So I’m farming the beatdown in rare hopes to somehow find a cobra. I know the drop rate is ridiculously low so I wasn’t going to grt my hopes up. After about maybe 45 minutes I left pyro petes bar and when back to the begining of the beatdown where the most burners are. I started killing and I ended up killing an ultimate badass enforcer I think it was and couldn’t believe when I looked down at it to see that it was a COBRA!!! I’ve never been more happy in this game to get a gun ever as I’ve wanted this gun for a long time. It’s got the siah siah prefix on it which idk what the beat one is but damn am I happy. Came with only 16 % weapons damage but it is badass.


Congrats dude. With the drop rate that it has I’m pretty sure lots of long time players still haven’t seen it.


I would’ve wanted one even if I never equipped it. What luck.


As for getting what you wanted, AWESOME. To-date, I’ve only previously ever heard of one case where this happened:

I never really got why the Cobra is so rare. It’s not that good. Pearlescents are more common than it ffs.

That said, I do have 4 Cobras.

That chart is missing something.

Siah-Siah (and all accuracy prefixes) increase accuracy, but decrease critical hit damage.

That chart is literally the exact same one from the OldForums: http://i.imgur.com/2j31R8N.png

Can’t find a chart anywhere that says different, but I won’t doubt you on that.

The picture which had all gun parts for guns said that it did that.

It’s just rare because it has a .88% chance to drop IF a burner even drops a sniper of purple rarity or higher that percentage could be the cobra. Probably the rarest gun in the game and I got it so quick.

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