I cant even get into a match...GG

I guess too many people stopped playing this game because I cant even get into a match… No one is going to wait for an hour just to play… 5 people sit there forever and people end up leaving… I love the gameplay for the game but I am pissed that I wasted money on the game and the season pass… A MP game that there is not even enough people to play it…

What are you playing on? Haven’t had any issues on the One. If you’re on it then we could add eachother and get some games going

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What region are you in? You may have to change your download region on Steam if you own the game on PC. Pick somewhere in the US that is close to you. If you are in the US and/or are on console then I’m not sure how to help.

I was positively surprised today to see pretty nice Capture matchmaking times. Played it for a few hours straight with no problems. I thought this wonderful mode was abandoned, so it was a refreshing change.

(PC, Central Europe with no region changes, 1 hour ago)


I am on PC NA… before Overwatch I had no problem getting into matches… After that came out it is almost impossible to get into one… Get it still says… short wait… LMAO yeah right…

All the matches I went into earlier today went no more than a minute or two (NW US)

Maybe you guys finding matches in a decent time had some bit of luck. I am also in the same boat as OP. Took about 15 non-exaggerated minutes to find an incursion match, about 7-8 minutes for my Meltdown matchs, and usually a quick two minutes or so for my story modes, but 9/10 times it would group me with just one other person.

1500 (130 000 copies sold) peak on steam, thats is on 1000 smaller than week ago. Game die if gearbox didn’t do any optimization in BB, becouse not all like play on minimum settings with have fps issues

i have no problem with matchmaking. it’s been pretty fast for me tbh

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This is generally my experience on ps4. I think i average about 10 minutes to get to character select. Pretty frequently i get paired up with the same people i just played with in the last game.

Where are you playing from? The longest I’ve ever had to wait for a game was 5 min and it was just the first night that OW came out. Plus they were doing a big update that day and some people were waiting for it to download.

I’m on ps4 on the east coast

While i get long queues if i try to use EU servers, since ive changed my region to either DC or NY areas i never had problems with queues even when player base goes below 1000.

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