I can't find ANY info online about this Pearl drop. Super rare?

i posted on twitter about it, but i figured i’d come right to the community (for my first post!)

That’s not pearl it’s glitch, which is the new class of weapons introduced in Claptastic Voyage. They are all just glitch versions of normal purple weapons.

oh okay cool. yeah, i realized after that the color was wrong and then i noticed the 1’s and 0’s and realized it was that glitch thing i heard about. THC is the first time i played TPS and i just started claptastic voyage. thanks for the info.

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Well, welcome aboard! Don’t feel bad. You’re definitely not the first to come along and ask about a glitch weapon, thinking it’s a pearlescent.

Nonetheless, cool launcher.

Also, there’s a weird side effect with glitched weapons. You can toss ANY three in the grinder together, and the kind of weapon you’l get back is gonna be totally random. Most likely also glitched, I think, but regardless. I put in three glitched pistols, and got back a glitched Torgue AR.

There’s a great guide to glitch weapon effects elsewhere in this forum. Friendly recommendation: Give it a read. Glitches are definitely worth collecting!

Man that sounds so weird! Lol.

I think this explains the confusion lol :wink:

Edit: also good luck with the rest of the DLC and welcome to the community!

haha, yeah, it occurred to me after, and then I HAD to leave it in haha. if the name wasn’t so perfect as a standalone, i’d almost think they did it just for the laughs.

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Glitches available to get outside of dlc even if dlc is downloaded. Or exclusive to dlc

If you ever feel bad about thinking a glitched is a pearlescent, just remember one time somebody thought a common blue was a pearl. No matter how hard we tried to convince him it wasn’t, he wouldn’t believe us. I wonder where he is today…

I vaguely remember this event…

Only drop inside the DLC maps, but work like they should in the main game.