I cant find kasutil.lua anywhere

i wanted to name a race but i could not find it in hw1campaign.big

Try Homeworld2.big, it’s the base big file for everything else iirc

Nothing to do with that anywhere in the folder :cry:

Kasutil.lua? I don’t have a clue what that is, but naming a race currently is done by adding one in race.lua, which is in the scripts folder, which should indeed be found in the Homeworld2.big, I do believe. Be forewarned that the devs are planning to change how the race setup system works; I’m sure they will implement it in their next update.

Sorry about the bad drawing :smile:

In the next patch ALL of this changes in big, big ways (very much for the better)… so don’t get to attached if you are just poking at random edits…

How do you rename ships or is this not possible until the next update? (all .ship files seem to name ships names like $1234)

That is a rather complex question. If you see a $xxxx name - that means the actual string is someplace else, and has been localized for various languages. You can change it - but consider that changing it in the right place is likely better. That particular area isn’t mine - so I don’t know much else. Plenty of people here can fill you in though.

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Do you know anyone that does work in that area?

Well for the sake of doing a quick change you can just replace the $xxxx with a real name.

Normally that $xxxx is in the [Langage].dat file and has a simple assignment that equates that number with a name. Each language’s dat file would then have its own translation for its language.

In trying ot add numbers to one fo these kinds of files though it never seemed tt get picked up by the -overridebigfile so I jsut renamed stuff manually.

A diffrent subject: how do you make a ship the mothership?

Couple of things:

  • Using Mothership in the ship’s actual name (hgn_mothership) will make the Karan or Makaan’s voices to say “mothership” or “flagship” when you select them. That and all the “flagships is recieveng heavy damage” ingame comments.

  • Adding your new ship into the race’s starting fleet will make it the initial starting ship.

  • Editing families inside the .ship file like NewShipType.AttackFamily=“Mothership” will make your ship the attack priority of a mothership class. And for instance the NewShipType.UnitCapsFamily=“Mothership” will make sure the ship is listed in the right unitcap family.

  • Even if it’s unbuildable, editing it’s cost (NewShipType.buildCost=8000) will make its postmortal salvage chunks into valuable resources.

  • Then obvioulsy you’d like to add an ability to build all kind of vessels and subsystems (Research Module, facilities…) and you definitelly don’t want to forget to make sure it has a resource drop-off point.

How do you make the voice the taiidan flagship if there is allready the Vaygr flagship eg Rel_Flagship; would it use the voice of the taiidan flagship or the Vaygr one

Well it has to be mothership, not a flagship.

The actual voices are sure determined somewhere. My guess vould be the \soundscripts\speechlogic ?