I cant find my wilhelm lvl50 in the character select menu

strong textHi i have a wilhelm lvl 50 save on my 360 but in the character select screen hes not there, i want to upload him to cloud save so i can use him in the handsome collection… any ideas whats the matter pls?

Double check that the actual game save is (1) on the storage device that is selected in the game menu and (2) is associated with the same profile on the 360 as the one you are logged in as when you try to do the cloud sync. If both are true and it’s still not showing up, then all I can suggest is filing a support ticket.

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It is and yes im using same gt as the save belongs to but at char select wilhelm on 360 isn’t there. thx for reply though.

did you play it xbox one in the first place and xbox 360 downgrade save is not working . I know sometimes in the past when more modern tec comes out . when you play on the more modern device then discide to play old systems it can struggle to regonize the game save. chances are the save that your using is not for your profile , the problem when many people in the same household or friends play on the same xbox people forget to log out .

nO I FIRST PLAYED ON MY XBOX 360 and the save is the same as the gamertag i use on both systems.ive got the pre-sequel on 360 and xbox one as part of the handsome collection.

Have you checked for the actual save file on the storage device?
ie Settings > System > Storage > Hard Drive (or where ever you save to) > Games and Apps > Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel > look for actual character name (what you named them).
There should be a save file and a back-up.

happyjack my save file belongs to this gamertag, says on hard drive. now another problem the char i uploaded from 360 claptrap lvl 18 i downloaded on xbox one other day played it n now gone back on today and its disappeared.

Not sure what you mean by save file belonging to gamertag? The save file does belong to a profile but is not named that. The save file is named after the in game character name unless you named the character after your gamertag eg the default name for Athena is Athena unless you rename her.

here see xbox 360 tps

xbox one tps

Happyjack says on my hdd the owner: A Frozen Poo

That’s the backup save file. Are you saying that the save file (Wilhelm - Level 50 - Lunar Launching Station) is not there? The save file does not have ‘Backup’ after it. If it isn’t there, did you move it or delete it or do you save all your characters to the cloud? If you have saved Wilhelm to a different storage device than the others, he will not show unless you change to that storage device.