I can't find players on PC :(

I have moved from PS4 to PC and well… I can’t find players in any mode.

From what I heard , it has something to do with the region BS and all.

Anyway , can anyone help me with this ?

I haven’t found any players the past few months on PC, though I am an Aussie.

Also there is only 250 people playing at the moment, apparently.

well , thats ■■■■ … :frowning:

To swap from console to PC was probably a bad move. PS4 and XB1 have faaar bigger playernumbers.
(XB1 might be largest, but thats just a personal feeling, based on how fast I get matches in PvP & PvE on different times in the day/week)

My tip: Search out for a good team or a group of PC-players who regulary play together. You could change this topic into a “LFG”-thread or open such a thread to find players for regular interaction.

Thanks for the tip.
I’ll look for a group right now !

There is also the Battleborn Discord where you can team up with others to play with. Just let the staff know you’re playing on PC in the #lobby channel and they can assign roles and give you access to the #matchmaking-pc channel as well as all the main channels. If there are no staff currently active you can ping them using @Staff Member and one should show up to help you out.

Like others have already stated the PC population is really low so getting matches generally involves a lot of waiting. The solution I’ve been involved w/ recently is 10 person private PvP matches. You are welcome to join. My Steam name is the same as it is here. @khimerakiller is the most recent person from these forums that’s joined the party. Maybe [insert gender pronoun here] can give some feedback on whether it’s worth your time or not. All that said, I am glad you decided to check out Battleborn on PC because we need all the players we can get so they don’t turn our servers off :sweat:

Wouldn’t cross platform play be amazing for this? Maybe one day… but probably not for BB.

Mind if I ask: why did you move from PS4 to PC? All I really want to know is if you had no choice (play the game on PC or not at all) or you decided to do it because x.

I liked it, although it was a bit more hardcore than I expected from your invite. But it was still fun, and it was the only 10 man I’ve ever played with besides one game with (basically) Dunk Squad.

And a suggestion if you care to listen. If we play with low levels again like the teeny we did the other night, I think some of the more laid back stuff like Random characters, all supports, non-Eldrid faction battles, would be more fun for both teams.

Honestly I’ve always been tempted to play with other players on Battleborn, and as I don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One, I tend to play it on Steam via my Gaming Laptop.

I sort of think it’d be nice to play with a group of people through the story mode, the Operations, or even PvP. So far all my playing has been done solo, and since I tend to play as Marquis right now, the AIs can be… rather lacking in intelligence to support me in playing. But the downside of if the AIs were improved, that means the same would go for the opponent AIs, which could make it more stressful than necessary.

But so far out of all my Steam friends, only two of them have Battleborn and no longer play it and two others want to get it, but haven’t yet. Does not make good for play experience. It’s not like I can have a full team of friends, being 5v5, at that rate.

Between the “friends” that play BB on my friends list plus the friends of my friends there is a wide variety of personalities so the mix during any given gaming session drives whether it’s more hardcore or more laid back. Your first dance happened to be on the more hardcore end of the spectrum but it’s not always like that.:smile_cat:

As for your suggestion, which I do care to listen to, it’s kinda sorta implemented already. But, again, it depends on who is playing. For example, for my try hard friends random doesn’t make a difference to them because they are highly proficient w/ all the characters. But if you are a new player and you are randomly assigned a Battleborn you’ve never played before the match is not going to feel even remotely relaxed to you.

What I really want to see is more new players join us, which is one of the reasons I’m evangelizing on these forums. I’m trying to get new players to learn PvP in a non toxic environment w/ folks who already know how to play who can give them guidance. For example, we had a CR16 in the group the other day so two of us spec’d that match, setup Steam’s group chat so we could talk to him while spectating, and coached him the entire match.

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Just a little thing:
Please use “Beginners” or “New Players” or “Starters” instead of “noobs”.

I know many use the word in a neutral way, meaning no harm with it, but it could be taken the wrong way.

It´s usually ment and used as insult and insults towards a random group players are not welcome here.

As a long time player, I pretty much can verify that “noob” is a term meant as insult taken from the word “newbie”. “Newbie” is not so much insulting as it’s pretty much to say someone that’s new at someone, but when someone calls them a “noob” it’s to put them down rather than say they’re new.

I’ve changed the word but I don’t appreciate being associated w/ doing harm and I especially don’t appreciate @Claw_MacKain’s verification that it’s an insult. How one interprets words requires two things, context and time, and from the context w/i which the word was used it was not being used to offend nor insult.

Finally, here is what Wikipedia has to say about the word. @Claw_MacKain, please note that the negative association in the definition is described in terms of being subjective. You have a right to your opinion of course but to state it as fact is offensive to me because you’ve made what I consider a positive contribution to this thread into something negative.

Well, thats basically what I said. As I put, it´s often used neutral but also often perceived negative.
I know you did´nt ment it to be negative, but many perveice this word to be insulting. That´s why I wanted to encourage you to use synonymes that can not be so easily misunderstood.
Thats all.

For further discussions about the term “noob” please PM me or another moderator.

Would be great in my opinion if gearBox make some kind of modification, for let the players in queue for matchmaking, but at same time let the players play in solo mode. When team found, give the possibility to freeze the solo game for join the match. The queue are very long and wait all this time without nothing to do is in my opinion little bit frustrating.

Yeah, I have even bailed a few times when Matchmaking was looking for players for an Operations playthrough. I just gave up after it took what seemed like a full minute and went solo instead.

Mouse and Keyboard

Plus , to start developing games on Unity

OK , I’ll add you