I can't get my redeemed weapon from super deluxe edition

Hi everyone, i redeemed my code from the SUPER DELUXE EDITION, but when i did it, all my special weapon get bugged and i couldn’t use them. There’s a remedy for solve that kind of problem? Could i redeem once again the code?

Have you tried starting a second character and seeing if they can get the items without the zero stats?

No man, i don’t try that, but if i start a new character, i must use the bank to transfer the weapon by my old character? In that case how can i get the weapon by my actual level?

Good point - I haven’t started a new character yet, so I’m not sure if you get the same email to redeem for each character or if you only get the rewards once on your profile.

Ok, thanks for your helping. You think Garbox could resend to me the email or not?

I don’t know how it’s set up, so unfortunately I can’t answer that question.