I can't get onto the roof in Fyrestone

I feel like an idiot, but … I’ve done this without too much of a problem with Gaige, but now I cannot figure out what I did – for the life of me, I cannot get Krieg up onto the roof to get the second Echo recorder in Get To Know Jack. Can someone help me out please? Thank you

Go up the back stairs and jump on the railing. From the railing jump forward to the back roof, then to the main roof.

I think @onomastikon means the roof that is near to Zed’s vending machine behind the electric fence, (@onomastikon mentions the echo recorder).

Off hand I don’t really remember how to get there…uh, I think I always went to the right side and jumped on something then jumped across to the roof.

Or, would it have anything to do with playing as Kreig? I’m not much of a Kreig player but thought I read/heard he is a little bit taller than the other characters so some jumps are a little harder for him. Like doing the challenge where you get on top of “Happy Pig Motel” won’t work with him.

hope this helps


Krieg is heavier than the other characters. Basically, he can’t jump as high. I have no idea if that’s the reason the OP can’t get to the roof he’s talking about, but that’s the reason he can’t use the geyser shortcut to reach Doc Mercy to farm for the Infinity.

Thanks much indeed!

Krieg can’t do grenade or rocket jump as well.

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He can, but it’s not worth trying.


I’ve somehow managed to grenade jump pretty high with krieg using a low lvl bonus package.

He’s heavier for gameplay reasons but can make basic jumps just fine. I’ve never had any problems jumping from the back roof directly to the main roof in Fyrestone for instance.

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