I can't join co-op game

Game freezes when i join the co-op game.

I had this issue the other day, and solved it by opening that character in a solo game, running across a couple of map transitions to trigger a save point (I suppose only one may have been necessary), quitting that game, and then joining. Different failure mode? You already tried this? Hope it helps!

Thanks for trying to help.But it didn’t worked for me

What a support.I wish I didn’t buy this game…

Sure, im crying for that ;(

I also had same problems that my game froze and disconnected from steam when trying to join co-op game. I solved it by reinstalling my graphic card driver and its software, because for some reason my NVIDIA GeForce Experience didn´t start up anymore. So I just reinstalled them and now it works again. Hope this helps

Thanks but it didn’t worked too.Maybe game needs a patch ot i can just forget this game