I can't make up my mind which edition to preorder!

Is it worth it to spend the extra money for the either the deluxe or super deluxe editions of BL3 or should I just order the standard?

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Depends. You’ll probably save some money if you buy the seasons pass rather than buying each DLC individually.
Also it would depend how much you would play it.

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It really does depends on you for the deluxe you get • Retro Cosmetic Pack
• Neon Cosmetic Pack
• Gearbox Cosmetic Pack
• Toy Box Weapon Pack
• XP & loot drop boost mods.
and the super deluxe you get the same plue season pass and Butt Stallion stuff

You gotta look inside yourself…

How have you done with other games that have this type of mechanism? Have you bought the game, then one DLC, another DLC, and so on until you’ve gotten them all?
Or have you tried the main game and maybe one DLC and said Nah, that’s enough.

In this case it’s really about how much you enjoy the Borderlands universe. If you’ve played 1 or 2 a lot, and done at least some of the DLCs, then I would personally recommend you get as much as you can at once.
It will end up being a little cheaper that way, and also you do get sone extra stuff. You might not care about Buttstallion skins now, but 6 months from now when you’re seeing alla us stylin’ Buttstallion trinkets you know you’re gonna want one and can’t get it!

So really it’s all about spending the money now or later. If you’re a BL head, then spend now. If you’re a casual BL player then maybe wait.
Who pre-ordered the Collectors Edition physical box cuz he wants to wear the Cloth galaxy map as a bandana around town. And yes, he needs help.


Wat if i bought the super deluxe edition nd i didn’t get any of the extra content

If you bought it digitally on console, then you have to download all the preorder items seperately from that console’s market. Also once downloaded the gear will be in your ingame mailbox and the various skins will be in the appropriate skin menus.