I cant play Bl3 since cartel update

Since the cartel update came out,my game just freezes every 10mins of gameplay.I’ve already reinstalled the game 3 times,changed the configurations,verified the game files(I play on steam)and still i cant play it.I gave up and played something else while waiting for some patch to come out but still nothing.I really wanted to get some of the new weapons but its very hard to play with the game freezing every 10 minutes.The freezes happen in every area but seem to happen more often the new cartel area.Before the update i could play the game without any problem at all.I’m very disappointed that in 2 weeks the problem still persists.

I have the same issue. Cryo damage / effects cause the worst problems - if you want play without these, it helps a lot.

If you can’t, like me (running a CCC Zane main), some good news - I wrapped up every single possible bit of PC diagnostics I could do with 2K Support this morning. They’re going to escalate the case and hopefully pass the relevant details to Gearbox.

It doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily be fixed soon. But it’s still good news. Spent a couple of weeks working through diagnostics with them! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the info,i forgot to mention that i play cryo zane too,and im happy to hear that they may fix the problem with him.

Thank you so much for your patience. I’d like to let you know that after escalating your information, your bug report was delivered to the Development team!

Confirmed :slight_smile:

No timeline on a fix, and naturally they don’t have visibility on developer timelines. But at least it’s been delivered to Gearbox!