I can't play borderlands 2

And I can’t play so if you fix let me know

Yikes! Not a pretty sight…

  1. Are you playing off a physical copy of the game, or a full digital download version?
  2. Do other games work just fine?
  3. Did the game work before and it’s just started doing this, or is it a new purchase?

Its a disc copy
Yea other games work fine
And no it started when the game froze and I have the disc sense last year if you know what to fix let me know

Sounds like an issue with the physical game disk then. Do you know anyone who also has a copy you could test with?

No why

Because the easiest test would be to throw in a different physical disk and see if that works. The other thing you could try doing is installing the game from the disk, and seeing if that bypasses the problem. Check the back of the disk for any obvious cracks, flakes, unusual discoloration… If you get an error while trying to install from the game disk, you’ll need to get a replacement.

What do you mean about install???

So i wash the disc and now it works thank you for helping