I can't play digital deluxe though I bought it!

I bought Battleborn digital deluxe edition, but I can only install standard edition on my xbox one.
I asked xbox support for this prolem, but they have no use to solve this.
Do I buy deluxe edition again?

My copy shows up on my XB1 as just “Battleborn”. When I launch it, though, it shows “Digital Deluxe Edition” as a subtitle. If I go through the characters in the Command centre, I can also see the golden skins on the base five characters. Can you confirm whether you’re getting the same behaviour?

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My title logo is just standard edition. Not a gold logo.
I don’t have also legendary gear pack.
But I have a name '‘season pass holder’'
It is really crazy phenomenon.

Do you have the “Elite” title? That’s the other thing that is specifically Digital Deluxe Edition.

The only other thing I can think of at this point is going into your account purchase/download history, and see exactly what the system thinks you ordered. If it doesn’t match what’s installed, that really is up to MS/XBox to resolve, but you might have to request escalation of your call when you contact them.

Mine is having a similar issue. It’s as if the Xbox thinks I only bought the standard version since that’s the one I can manage, while the digital deluxe gives me the option to purchase it. When I go into the game, however, wonkiness ensues. The “digital deluxe” subtitle appears and the gold skins are unlocked. However, I cannot access the “characters” tab under marketplace, and I have no key to unlock Alani or anyone else. Another strange thing is that the “Elite” badge, earned for preordering the digital deluxe version, keeps unlocking every time I enter the game. It’s all strange and very frustrating! I’m being patient, though! :slight_smile:

According to Joe K (in a thread regarding problems unlocking Alani), the team is aware of an issue and narrowing down the cause/solutions. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.

Mine is similar. The battleborn game I launch looks like a standard edition, not the gold version in the Xbox One store. When I launch the game though, it clearly says digital deluxe edition on the menu, I received the “cyber” skins, the gold podium, the legendary gear packs, and the title of “Elite”.

But I didn’t receive the pre order golden skins nor is Alani unlock able.

If you go into Command Centre > Marketplace, can you access the Characters tab? (LT) If so, you may be able to unlock Alani there. If not, you’ll probably have to wait for the fix that a bunch of us are waiting for. I would still file a support ticket, especially about the missing skins, but I don’t know how effective that will be.