I Can't redeem shift codes

So, I am not sure if this is really possible to fix
This is what happened: I reseted the hard drive of my pc and I lost all of my saves (I had the cloud disabled by the time)
With my new saves, I tried to use the shift codes that are still available but it tells me that they were already redeemed.
So, I proceed to make a new shift account
But it still tells me that they have already been redeemed.
My shift account is literally empty of rewards and so is my save.
maybe deleting some files to let steam know that I haven’t used the codes or something?
Any idea on how to fix this?

Note: I am in pc

I also have this issue! I made a new account just to report this problem :confused: help would be appreciated, since all of my custom heads are gone and i lost 200+ keys.

I had this issue, and this is what I did to fix it.
I went into my network settings and changed my network settings from auto config, to static ip, and setup google’s dns on it. and
I signed out, rebooted the PS4, and then logged back in, and I was able to sign in, without issue and redeem my codes.

I’m not a PS4 player, I’m a desktop player.

Then manually configure your DNS on your machine.

Thanks pal but it didn’t work for me :confused:

Not a PC user, so I have no idea how everything works on that side. Maybe @Gulfwulf, @Adabiviak, or one of the other PC regulars knows more? Meanwhile, I would suggest filling an official support ticket:


It was worth a try Agus. You might want to do the same thing on your router, and see if you get any better results. Sometimes, my ISP, aka Charter, has DNS issues that prevent me from accessing the internet. I had to go into my router, and use google’s DNS on my router, before those issues went away. It still sounds like your computer is having an issue either via DNS or perhaps, you have a virus that has put a proxy on the machine.
I’d check your network settings for a proxy, and then try running this…

As well as this…

I think the live key count is kept in the profile.bin file, which was lost with your drive.
The record of which codes you have redeemed is, I believe, kept along with your SHiFT account. I also think that your SHiFT account is tied to your game (by serial number or something to prevent people from abusing this for unlimited keys, for example), so creating a new SHiFT account won’t work unless you buy a new game to tie to it.

I could be quite mistaken about how those are tied together, but I think this is support ticket material, sorry.

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