I can't run over many little ledges in the game, such as into the Raider Safehouse

Hey guys, I’ve got a weird bug with my game. For some reason there are many small ledges and curbs that all my characters get stuck on and don’t just run over as they should. The most annoying one is definitely the entrance to the Crimson Raiders Safehouse, since I then have to jump over it and hit my head on the small railing above, ending my momentum. Anyone else got this bug or know what to do about it? I verified game cache, nothing, and reinstalled the game, still nothing.

There are lots of odd bits in the game textures that you can get caught on. The entrance to the Crimson Raiders HQ is one of many. Usually, it’s actually the door frame that snags you - the door is only slightly wider than the playable characters. There are also some invisible barriers in certain spots that you can’t get around easily. Just back up slightly and try again: if your character’s foot is too close to a step or ledge, your forward motion is blocked before you get hight enough to get over the step.

It’s not the door though, it’s the curb before the door, right next to the Gun machine. It doesn’t matter how many times I back up and retake it, whether I’m running or not, which character I’m playing as, or what angle I take it at.

Well that is weird. I mean, it is possible to get stuck on the curb, but I’ve never been permastuck or unable to get over it one way or another. Did this just start recently and, if so, can you remember what you did just before it started happening?

I used to play a lot of BL2 but stopped playing it like 1-2 years ago, I just came back to it like 2 weeks ago with a friend who just bought it and we made new characters to co-op with, and it’s been like this since. I don’t remember if it did it 1-2 years ago. But I also tried my old characters from that time which were Steam Cloud Synced and they can’t walk over the curb either, as Zer0, Maya, Krieg, and Sal. Don’t have a Gaige or Axton.

Very odd. All I can think of is either an NPC is blocking the entrance, and is also mysteriously invisible, or something is off in your game settings. Paging @Gulfwulf, @Adabiviak - any ideas on this one?

I’ve found that alt-tabbing from the game after traveling to Sanctuary fixes it temporarily (until I leave and come back to Sanctuary)

I notice it on occasion… I’ve just learned to time that jump. Never really thought about it. I’ll try Alt-Tabbing the next time I see it happen though.

If you have your frame rate up to 120 or unlimited it get stuck especially the entrance to the Crimson Raiders HQ. I suggest you put your frame rate to capped 72 or 60. It should solve the problem. I had the same problem early. But this seems to work for me.

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Sorry for the late response, but this worked. Capping at 72 in settings and it’s fine now.

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Glad you got it sorted. Still really odd behaviour though.

Hm. While that’s good to know, I have 144Hz monitors so I think I’ll have to leave it alone :stuck_out_tongue: I’m already used to the jump so it’s not terrible, but that’s really odd that it’s framerate dependent.