I can't see my friends game to join in borderlands 2

So I started playing with a friend who recently got Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. I know she is online and playing the game but she doesn’t show up in the main menu. This makes it frustrating to to play borderlands 2. Does anyone know how to fix it or has had a similar experience?

She has to have her game set to one of either public or XBL friends only (network options) for it to show. If her settings are either invite only or lan only, you won’t see her. I usually leave my game on XBL Friends only. You can also party up (have her send a party invite to you) and join that way.

She said it is on Xbox live friends only. And I have been joining via invite but it takes awhile

Understood. There does seem to be a problem with BL2 multiplayer on XB1, in that connections can be erratic. There are a few threads on that subject here. If the connection times out, but any other on-line games on your XB1 work fine, then you’re probably running into the same issue. Other than rebooting, restarting the game, and toggling you network options, I’m not sure what to suggest. It would help if you filed a support ticket though.