I can't see RedBelly!?

I’m new to borderlands… I’m at the part where I’m supposed to kill RedBelly. I understand it’s two people and they’re supposed to separate at some point with one flying around and one on the ground. I came into the room, RedBelly was introduced, I shot at him a bit (they had not seperated yet) and then… he vanished! His health bar is still there, but it is neither depleting nor reviving. I’m just being attacked by those little guys. I’m really not sure where to go from here. I’ve been killing the little dudes for at least thirty minutes straight and have died maybe five times.

Are you playing in Xbox, PC or PS4 1st give more details

Edit diffrent platforms have diffrent bugs or you did not update your game to jan 2016 update. 2k games always need updating update always TPS was made by them. Gearbox just vendor

Wrong. 2k is the publisher/distributer of TPS. 2k Australia originally made the game, but GBX took over support and patching after the studio was shut down. You are right that we need more information to diagnose the issue.

@bissellellie: you should probably submit a support ticket about your issue. The support team is pretty good about answering issues submitted to them.

yea its the saame it’s still 2k its just their Australia office and your wrong being publisher/distributor 2k main its GBX who is original distributor of this game cause i have a season pass when this game 1st came out in PC

Edit: His issue was when the game was released 1st time so i know he din’t update game

No, you’re wrong. 2k distributed the game. Go check your facts if you want to continue this conversation somewhere else.

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did you find them yet?

according to one of their echos there is a possibility of them sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. look for some trees.