I cant split screen for bl2 on ps4

Ok, so listen up. I have a ps4 where I have the borderlands: handsome collection. I got some other stuff in another account where I wish to trade with my main account. (The two accounts are on different PSN ) . So I cant figure out how to Split my screen. whenever i try to switch on my 2nd controller. It wont give me options to chose the different accounts like it used to in ps3. So help will be much appreciated.
Thank you, and stay safe…

I’m not a tech person, but I didn’t think you can have two PSN accounts active at the same time on the same PS3 or PS4… If you have someone with the same console that you trust with the details of your second account, they could log in for you on one of your accounts on their system and then you meet each other to do your item swapping.

Have you actually created a User with that other PSN? What does it show when you use the second controller? There still should be an option for signing guests in.
You can also hold the PS Button on the main controller to Switch User and, well, switch to the other user. You can then simply switch between the users as necessary, it’s a method for splitscreening with only one controller. Try to assign the second controller to the other user as you switch back to the main user at this stage, hopefully that works.

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It works now. Many thanks :slight_smile:

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