I cant start Battleborn

I try to run the game througth steam but it doesn’t start I don’t know why.

Have the same problem. Bumb and hoping someone who knows what’s up can recommend a fix.

Same problem, immediately goes to “not responding” after launch. No errors, no crash - just hangs until I kill the task.

Same problem !! :-\

Here is the update on how I log into the game and new glitches I am experiencing.

  1. Double click the desktop icon
  2. Click cancel on the first time install screen that appears (it keeps hanging while trying to install C++)
  3. Click “yes”, I want to NOT do the first time install
  4. The game starts….without the first time install ( I am guessing I somehow have a version of C++)
  5. New glitch, it always starts in windowed, not full screen mode, though I always set it back to full screen each time
  6. My first game I play after that will sometimes be stretched so that the right and left sides of the screen are about 1 inch off of the page
  7. This seems to correct itself eventually
  8. Now I cannot log in to matchmaking since last night. This seems to be not limited to me, based on the brief voice discussions we have been having while the game searches and then kicks us out
    Please help!

I bought Battleborn on digital download and disc for my XB1. Neither gets past rhe Gearbox emblen before shutting down. I dont have a clue what to do. Ive cleared my XBOX 1.

Try here: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/battleborn/xb1-battleborn-support