I can't take a screenshot on PS5

Every time I want to take a screenshot of my loot and press share button on ps5 controller Borderlands 3 game goes to pause menu automatically. Very annoying this. Never happened on PS4, because I took a lot of screenshot then.
Is there any setting that I could change? After a quick look couldn’t find anything.

You don’t have easy screenshots settings in PS5 system and single press of share button activates share menu.

Yes share menu of PS5, but my game goes to pause menu and I can’t see my loot. All I see is resume game and options, very strange. And it doesn’t do that on any other game.

The game will pause anytime you enter PS5 menu, so by pressing PS button, at share menu etc. You need to go into PS5 settings, and change share options to easy screenshots.

  • Easy screenshots: press share to take screenshot, hold Share to open menu
  • Defualt setting: opposite iirc or something like that

The same was on PS4.


Cool, thanks!