I can't unlock the starter characters

I’ve completed the prologue two times and completed the whole story, all the starter characters are locked with no way to unlock them.

Any ideas?

  • note I got the game from a humble bundle, if that makes a difference.

I have submitted a ticket on https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com but no response yet.

Which characters are you referring to when you say the starter characters? And what do you mean by you completed the whole story? Like you completed all 8 missions from Algorithm to Heliophage? And if so which character were you able to play as?

Starting characters that you are supposed to get after the prologue, Marquis, Miko, Montana, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Rath, Thorn.

I did mission 1 by selecting a random character which unlocked ISIC and that’s how I finished the story (all 8 missions).

I unlocked few other heroes now, but the original 7 are still locked

Yeah, that’s weird I don’t think I have heard of that particular bug. The only thing I can think of is to hope that they respond to the ticket.

Character unlocks are stored locally, on your PC, not on server (at least it was like this some time ago). Apparently something went wrong when you’ve completed the Prologue and those unlocks weren’t registered.

Did you try replaying the Prologue?

This sounds like a job for @JoeKGBX ! And I had something awesome and funny to put here that had to do with something superhero-ish and stuff and my mind just blanked and so… uhm…well… I guess I’ll just let Joe take it from here.

The bug went through and they fixed it remotely, thanks everyone for the ideas.