I can't wait for PAX Ea... oh... wait... nevermind

I can’t believe I wasted my time on that panel to watch RP struggle to recite sections of Pi while simultaneously not giving any new information about anything whatsoever.
The only saving grace from that panel is that hopefully a bunch of new Battleborn players will come from the free copies everyone in the audience got.
Way to build up the hype train and then line the tracks with dynamite to derail it before it ever even came close to delivering anything worth while… =\


I suppose I’m also glad they took the time to show everyone watching all the love they’ve been giving to Battleborn and the massive improvements it’s seen over the last year. This panel took the wind out of my sails a bit, but I’m still hopeful for more Battleborn content.

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I’m sure Mr P has no idea the negative effect his little shows have on the face of the company. They should have people do proper presentations, now they are getting to be a bigger company. And it would be nice for them to address the games they put so much effort into making, and what is going on in the pipeline. Bizarre, hard to figure him out.


The whole time he was doing the “magic show” I was expecting him to actually deliver some sort of hint. Maybe he was going to use Pi as a way to sneak in an ambiguous date for something? Maybe he was going to have Morgan Web try to read something that ended up being a teaser or a reveal? Possibly the name of the mysterious BL3 character they’ve teased in the graphics demonstration? No… No, he was just stroking his own silly ego.
Battleborn and Borderlands both deserved something better than what they got yesterday.

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OK so NOTHING was said. You know Mr. Pitchford the LAST two Pax shows I’ve gotten excited and the last one I broke up my sleep schedule to stay awake for and first it was a “debate comedy” now absolutely nothing in terms of news was delivered again, both times something monumental was “supposedly” to be there. I as a huge fan of this franchise am truly saddened to hear this, and to be quite frank if you can’t be honest with your fanbase, soon very little may be left. Direct honesty is what is needed for all companies to keep their fans trust so they will continue to play their games and buy future products. I’m sorry sir, but if you can’t be honest why not another public representative be assigned one who will genuine with announcements and what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m truly sorry to suggest this, I don’t like the idea of anybody losing their job.