I can't wait for the update!

I feel like Reyna is really going to shine after the update. The removal of ally collision and an increase to plasma pulse splash damage could make her into a monster. I hope the splash damage is actually noticeable this time around. A homing plasma build could be super viable now and I’m excited.

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Agreed. I didn’t even think of how useful homing will become. If only it could home as well as Benedicts

Correction, a homing plasma build has always been relevant :slight_smile:

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Oh I agree. I almost always chose the homing over the slow, but playing as rear-mid support I felt like a lot of my shots were blocked by allies, especially in Incursion. I can’t wait to test out her improved splash damage.

Be interesting to see how the removal of ally collision effects the blocked shots.

Excited about the explosion damage. I mostly never run homing unless I’m in a full range team which rarely happens. Lockdown is too good especially now that caldy will be affected by it