I can't watch this any more

I’m sorry, I can’t.

You’ve all seen the Battleplan, the changes to Alani and legendaries. It’s destroying the PvE to suit the PvP, except that even PvP nerfs don’t need to be this ridiculous. I feel that the balancing team is a bunch of amateurs and they’ve never really done this before. That they’re pushing for ‘equality’ between characters in a game like this tells me everything I need to know.

The balancing so far has been so toxic, so destructive, that people are leaving the game in droves. The player count has gone down by 50 per cent week after week. And I imagine a lot of those players are PvE players who’re tired of this nonsense. Characters nerfed to suit PvP! Items nerfed to suit PvP! They should have separated PvP and PvE balancing at launch!

The ongoing nuclear nerfs of everything is just destructive. It’s like they’re saying that burning everything is the only way to save the game. If they destroy everything, if they nerf everything into the ground, it’ll all be okay.

They’ve shown that they have no idea what they’re doing, they have no plan for the future, and all they’re interested in doing is continuing to nerf things into the ground until no one has the energy left to play the game any more. Because they don’t know when it might happen, when their favourite piece of gear or character will be made unviable by the most idiotic balancing I’ve seen since Champions Online.

What happens when they find they find they can’t achieve equality? Do they keep nerfing? Every character that over-performs because someone is playing it well, nerf it into the ground? What happens when you’ve nerfed so much that even Normal is too difficult, and just too annoying? People are telling you right now that missions like Renegade and Saboteur are getting too annoying even on Normal.

And you… JustKeepNerfing

At this point, if Gearbox doesn’t rotate out this balancing team and bring in a new one, where the first order of duty is to separate PvP and PvE, and to reset PvE to launch day values? Then the game is pretty much stillborn.

Damn it, I love this game. I love it dearly. But I can’t watch this any more. I can’t. This is absolutely suicidal. It’s too hard for me to watch… So I can’t. I’m so emotional about it that I’m almost having a big, ugly, Oscar-Mike cry about it.

This game has reached me in ways few others have. It reminds me of the best of the '90s and early '00s. I love so much about it. The setting, the dialogue, the narrative, the missions, the characters, the abilities, it’s just so much fun. But I can’t stand being afraid to look at the latest Battleplan to see how they’ve peed on the game today.

It’s like being strapped to a chair with your eyes held open, and having to watch someone slash up a work of art. I can’t do that any more.

I think I’m going to just leave Battleborn for a bit. Go back to ESO where the balancing team actually knows what it’s doing. Where each new ‘balance change’ isn’t the dumbest, most facepalm inducing nuclear nerf one could have imagined.

And I’m only saying this because I care about this game. Easier to leave now and not watch it kill itself than to be here for the grand finale.

I might be back, but the only thing that would bring me back is the news that they’ve got a new balancing team.

If anyone’s confused? I hadn’t seen the Alani nerfs. I really was going to try to weather this out, I was! … But I can’t. It’s too hurtful to me. I actually suffer with anxiety and depression really badly, really badly. I need uplifting, affirming things to help me get over that.

I’ve been trying my best to be optimistic, to have some kind of faith. I honestly have. But the latest Battleplan and the Alani nerfs? I can’t do it any more. It’s just too depressing and it’s getting in the way of my ability to function, considering how easy it is for me to get depressed.

I’ll always have a place in my heart for Battleborn. But right now… this is bad for my health.


stands and salutes

And thus I have to watch another loyal fan of this game throw in the towel… god speed… :sweat:


And i’m drooling over alani’s nerf. She deserves it so hard <3

I just wish they would balance healing…

I only Do PvE. Well, mostly. Alani was so nice for PvE but her riptide seems worthless now!


The nerfs were really an overkill, I agree.
I used her solo on an advanced mission (Void’s Edge) and did fairly well though (fairly well means to me I only died once haha everything else took ages and was hard) I just don’t know how useful she still is when the group is bigger and the mission different. She still is a good enough hero, I just think they should have left her riptide the way it was. I don’t know how she’s doing in PvP, I never used her once there, so I can’t comment on if the changes were for the better.

I feel the same way as you though. The last Battleplan really drove me to the edge… For various reasons. And the more I look into everything they changed and implemented, the angrier I get. It hurts me to see this game fail so hard, and I can’t even blame people for bashing it now. It is a great game (even with its currents flaws) with a (mostly) great community, but in all honesty… I can’t really enjoy it anymore since everything seems to go down the gutter. The negativity all around hurts the game even more on top of the sh*t decisions. Many loyal fans are upset, including me, which is really sad.


Wow. Alani could fight 2 at a time with a thumper turret locked on to her and win and you think nerf was unnecessary.


Nerfs are going to happen, it should be expected.

The problem is I feel like when they nerf something, its not a soft blow, its a sledge to the face. They don’t slowly tune things to get them in line, its like they just drastically change things in hopes it will work. The Alani nerfs are…meh, although I think the nerf to range was stupid, it was already pretty short. And the nerf to riptide was dumb…didn’t do any damage to begin with without the lvl 4 mutation.

The item nerfs in this patch though…geeez! 25% down to 3…they broke that pieces of gear, it is now pointless to use as there are better ones. That piece of gear costs 1800 SHARDS, its for tanking! Its a great piece of gear so the tank doesn’t have to leave the front line as much once he gets it, he can keep pushing the objective and still be able to help out getting buildables. And the Chrono? 500 dmg upped to 2000?! Seriously?! FOR ONE SECOND!!!




In my opinion for the most part the Alani nerfs (although maybe just damage or range not both) were justified for PvP as it was a common sight for Alani to be a solo front line pusher even with the health reduction. Now Alani fits into her support role as opposed to an attacker role a most welcome change.

If we take a look at ambra (who has been hit hardest by the nerf hammer) who lost her range, damage, secondary attack damage (until level 7) and her only CC on her Ult just to have some rather average healing (only by sunspot) it is clear to see this is an example of over nerfing which is not what Alani has experienced as she retains her entire kit and can fulfill her role unlike Ambra for the most part so the Alani part in my eyes is fine.

The part I don’t understand is the legendary nerf as let’s be honest who even uses them in PvP? They would be the minority as they are easily countered through short match duration (possibly a contributing factor to surrenders) or starving them of shards with an early push commonly seen on incursion. I cannot understand how PvP balancing could even be considered as a reason to adjust legendary gear but now with the reduced stats we could at least increase the drop rate a bit just to hang legendaries like trophies haha


Oh yeah, poor Ambra. The nerf sledge hammer hit her the hardest. I remember playing her during the open beta when she still was rather OP. Played her for the first time after the nerf just yesterday and I have to say, it’s a pain in the arse to play her now. Which is really sad, considering that I really like her as a character but I can’t see how I’d do good playing as her (especially in PvP when every Galilea and Alani is after me lmao).
I hope they will balance things out eventually and buff some heroes they formerly nerfed too hard and tweak those who still seem to have disadvantages, like Toby and his ult, Reyna not being able to overshield herself during PvP, give back Ambra some of her strength ect.


Makes me sad to see Ambra in her current state, she was overnerfed to unusable status. I would play her a ton (used to be my main) but she just isn’t a capable support. Dmg is to weak, Support abilities to weak…its a 4v5 game if shes on the team honestly.

As for the 2 items that got nerfed, I used both in PVP. I don’t tank hardly at all but when I do I used the 25% shard bonus so I could leave the shards for my team and I could stay in the fight rather than leaving to gather and give the enemy a leg up. Chrono I used on Alani to add to her helix that reduces CD. Its pretty good in pvp if you save up for it.


Nobody picking Ambra was already a problem but since she was nerfed I barely see any Ambra’s! I still love her for PvE, I usually get most kills with her. Her healing sucks tho.
I love Alani, but after being nerfed and nobody playing Ambra I really know I won’t get her lore. Can’t wait to see what they change it to. Probably just a lower amount of Ambra kills, sadly.

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This is the problem nobody saw coming when they made a MOBA type game WITH a story mode. Balancing a pvp game like this is hard enough but when you throw in PVE it makes it almost impossible to make everybody happy with what you try to do


Preach my brother. I am all out of likes for today (GBX caps at 50) but you will get one soon.

I still fail to see how this is relevant… Sorry. Some characters are hard to play in Pve, but I can’t imagine a character that would be completely unsuited and for whom pve would be an impossible task. Even then, it may just mean the fault is on the player rather than on the character.

I seriouly think the request of separating both modes is, at best, last in the list of things to do to potentially hope to fix the game. It would just slow everything down. I think PvE issues are more tied to map and objectives design and scaling rather than to characters performances. Heck, PvE would become at least enjoyable should a mission really adapt to the kind of character you chose. Maybe by sending tailored challenges your way instead of picking them up in a pool where you may get a challenge that is impossible to do ( like a rampage with, say, a support ), because right now, challenges are all over the place.

PvE issues are not non-issues, but they are damn near it. PvE is still a quite easy and forgiving mode when playing solo, only becoming harder the more players are in the party to the point the issues aren’t tied to character balancing anymore but to scaling ( saboteur 5-men and insta-boom of the last defense point ).
Heck, I seem to remember how people called Galilea “finished” when she got her big nerf, especially pointing to her PvE performance. Well, she’s still a faceroller to be honest.

By now I probably got my point across about how I personnaly feel the game is definitely more oriented toward PvP ( as evidenced by the fixes ), and as @bgfarmer85 pointed out, adding a PvE mode was bound to make people unhappy. It made me happy : I have no issues with PvE whatsoever ( except those damn randomized challenges ). As far as I’m concerned, I think I could do it with any characters. And if it’s hard? Well, just bring a friend and you can play whatever you want.
But why add unecessary complications and have two groups work on virtually the same thing : character balancing ?


Seems to me people get upset when they can’t easily run through story missions. The gear that got nerfed got nerfed because you can exploit them in pve missions and cause teammates to get a lower score not because they were less talented but because some of the gear took all the challenge out of PVE…in pvp the only one that was really a problem was the voxis core. Even that one wasn’t a huge deal because in incursion if your using a legendary your not building things to help your team


Because they are a slog to go through as well as being grindy to get what you want.


@shaman.wulf I would invite you to play Alani in PVE if you haven’t recently. She is one of my mains and I played her in two Advanced Story missions (5-man Sentinel, 4-man Heliophage) last night and didn’t really notice a difference.

She can’t snipe from quite the distance, and she’ll never be a “top damage dealer” again, but it was nice to be able to focus a little more on healing than fighting everything with a pulse. In the Sentinel example, I think it actually helped us win.

I understand your frustration with the nerfs, and I can’t really speak to Legendaries (I don’t use them, they cost too many shards in my opinion), but as a huge Alani fan, I think the nerfs have put her more in-line with how she should be played.

As for balance in general, and separating PVP from PVE balance, I will try to write some words on that at some point but I agree with you on the latter bit (for the most part).

If you need a break, take it, but if you haven’t already – try out Alani – you might be surprised. :slight_smile:

But wouldn’t the fun be in the challenge? If your running through a mission and never even felt like you were in danger at all that would get old after awhile. I think the more challenging a game is the more fun you’ll have. Dont get me wrong there is a line between challenging and just stupid hard(I’m looking at you dark souls/bloodborne)


Alani’s damage isn’t the problem, it never was.

It’s the whole ‘lifting half your team with a single non-ultimate skill’ that’s the problem.

She’s a controller yes, but there’s controller and there’s dominating.