I cheesed and now I feel horrible

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.

First time I have ever cheesed on BL3!!!

Didn’t know what else to do.

Went against Billy the annointed and a annointed zealot appears as one of the adds in TVHM.

I could not focus at all and it took so long to get the health down that when I died I just shot Billy the annointed.

Now I feel dirty haha

Then a little bit later I steam rolled the vault monster Gravedigger

What gives :upside_down_face:

your post confuses me, are you cheeting, if so do what makes the game fun for you but dont go in other peoples games and ruin their experience.

if not and your just strong then woo

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It’s more the point that I done Billy the annointed when another annointed appeared and I felt like there was nothing I could do in TVHM. I went through loads of respawns and I still couldn’t fire it out

I googled it and they basically said.hoe to cheese it…
At this stage I didnt know what else to do

I’m not following you either. What do you mean “cheese it”. You mean you cheated? Found a glitch? I’m not sure where your problem is.

Ok… Most know… It’s clearly too difficult for you

This supposed well known cheese method is too difficult for others… But you couldn’t kill an anointed on your own without it… Interesting.

Or perhaps I’m simply not familiar with this term. So explain the problem rather than making personal assumptions.


“Cheese it” implies using a tactic that’s not exactly cheating but which makes it laughably easy. Like finding a spot to fight a boss from where it can’t hit you. I’m not sure what precise method he’s talking about.

It’s a reverse git gud

I was completely stuck. With the annointed and the boss. Could not focus on one of them and they are full bullet sponges.

When you die it spawns you in a room where you can shoot the boss from the doorway an none of his abilities hit you

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