"I Come from the Land up Over" Achievement? What Where Am I Missing?

I have done every mission in the game and explored every area of Serenity’s Waste (including Iwajira’s lair), Triton Flats, and Stanton’s Liver (including the monolith area) countless times, but I still haven’t unlocked this achievement. Is there some hidden location that I missed? Any ideas, peeps? I’m starting to think this achievement is bugged or something.

Are there any dark spots on your map? If so you need to go there still. Also, make sure it was with this character specifically you’re remembering going there as and not just “with all the character’s I’ve played, I’ve been everywhere”.
Good luck in finding that mystery spot at any rate!

Youve been through from Triton’s Flat to Vorago Solitude?

I had this same problem myself. mine was a small room in tycos ribs, it was lit on the map but I actually had to step into the room at the back side it came up with the area name and the achievement pop. there was a thread on the old forum about this exact issue, I’d say make another run through tycos and see if that fixes your problem

Thanks, but I think I got the achievement that includes Tyco’s Ribs. It’s just the one with Serenity’s Waste, Triton Flats, and Stanton’s Liver. I was starting to wonder if the achievement was bugged.

I did go from Triton Flats to Vorago Solitude, so that wasn’t it. I just noticed that there is at least one rock “island” thing in Triton Flats between the spot where the Ice Shuggaraths always spawn and the area where you first try to access Crisis Scar. I will need to try that one again.

Also, my kid figured out that if you follow the destroyed roadway that runs through the map in Triton Flats, you can jump over the lava river to a shelf on the other side. Will need to try that again, too.

In Triton Flats there is a pointy rock with a chest on it. It’s near the Chef flag mission. It’s a named area. That was one I was missing.
Also have you gotten the electrified chest in Stantons Liver? I think it is a named area also.

Did you get the Excalibastard? IIRC it’s in a named location in Stanton’s Liver. Also, check out a yellow ‘!’ at the edge of Triton Flats. That’s a quest about Captain Chef, also in a named location.

A bit of a late reply, but I think I might have the answer. In Stanton’s Liver, there’s a side area that’s easily missed. From the entrance, head to the Train station at the opposite end of the map. Once you hit the tracks, head right into a cave filled with Torks. Take them out, and look on the south side of the central pillar for a tunnel. This takes you to an area with a large obelisk and several airborne enemies. Take out the enemies, then jump and hit the obelisk. This will take you to another area not on the map. There’s nothing interesting there except a few ammo crates, but the area is named, so you need to find it for the achievement. To leave, jump into the obelisk again. You’ll be taken to a room with a cheat. Loot it and jump into the obelisk one last time, and you’ll be back at the original obelisk. Finding this is what got me the achievement.

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Holy crap! Thanks! I never tried jumping into the obelisk! Imma gonna check this out. Thanks again!

Not a problem. Frankly, the only way I found out about it is because I was YouTubing and randomly came across a video showing it. I would have missed it entirely myself if not for that. In fact, I did miss it entirely the first time I went through the area.

Ha. I’ve been through that area many times, but I gotta say, it never occurred to me to jump into the thing…

IIRC you need to touch the back of it so yeah, who’d think to touch the back of it?