I count 8 story missions

And we play 2 of them from start to end…
(I mentioned this in another post, but why not touch on the subject with a thread all to it’s own.)
This has me worried about buying it as I was personally looking forward to the story of this game, not PvP.
Has me even more worried that the Season Pass is, basically, more story missions which means (to me) that the amount of story that’s in the base game will not be enough/very little.

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With the number of different characters you can play through it with, I think the shorter story is actually a plus.

Ehhhhhh, I guess you could look at it like that, but only 8 missions that don’t seem to relate to one another and us being able to play through 2 of them already?
Kind of making it hard, for me, to be pre-ordering or suggesting this game to others.
This game having a story (thought it was bigger) was one of the perks this game had (has) over other games like it. Like Overwatch and Paladins.

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I hear you. I’m a 99% PvE guy myself and that is definitely what compelled me to check it out (although I am enjoying the PvP in this game more than any other I have played). I do think that because the character designs are so different from one another that playing through the missions with Oscar Mike or Miko or Marquis or El Dragon or Kelvin will change up the gameplay substantially and add to the replayability.

Well if You were in the closed beta like me, you would have already played 4 of the story missions.

True, then again I did hear that we were suppose to be able to change up our Helix skills whenever we wanted, at least for PvE so it wouldn’t be so stale of a play-through.
Also, why not have more missions to begin with if this was the idea from the start?

I’m already sadden that I can play through a quarter of the game in the open beta. I would be depressed if I could play half the game before launch. (There’s no point in me buying a game if I already now the story.)