I created a crossover with Siren Maya and faced criticism

The fact is that in this crossover, Maya was in a different game universe, and I was a character invented by me, and not by Krieg and someone from Borderlands. And he faced some, perhaps justified criticism of something like “Maya should only be with Krieg,” and even someone said that Maya was cheating on Krieg. Before creating the crossover, I checked everything, the game does not directly say that Maya and Krieg are in a relationship, and even if Krieg feels something for her, it is not a fact that Maya feels something other than friendship for him, so I created here post asking if their relationship is canonical. At the same time, I did not fully understand why such a reaction arose then, because this is a crossover, it cannot be canon.
And I would like to ask, how would you react to such a crossover?

You started a good old ’ shipping’ war huh? :rofl: My personal reaction is fanfiction is fanfiction whatever floats your boat goes here

No, I didn’t start the war, I just asked. Maya is my favorite character, but I don’t see her with Krieg. I have nothing against Krieg.

This covers it for me too - if the fiction is good, screw canon… it’s just easier to use canon, since an audience is already immersed and familiar with it.

I think the most affection on file that Maya showed Krieg is the smirk at the end of the Meat Bicycle Made For Two video when she decided not to kill him with her brain?

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