I created a siren

So I created an OC and in the community I posted her in, I was told to send it to the Gearbox-Forum. So her Name is Ra-y taken from the egyptian god Ra and the word Ray, she has the ability Phase-Sun, which is a stupid name, I know but I couldn’t think about something more creative. So her Actionskill spawns a blue dwarf that burns her enemies faces of which, when invested enough skillpoints in the right tree might end in a small supernova

That’s her. Took me two days to design and draw her, I hope you like her


:sunny:This is a very neat character!:star2:
I really like her concept of her powers being sun themed as apposed to Maya’s “black hole”! If you don’t mind, can I suggest maybe calling her siren ability “Phase-flare”? And perhaps she can have a bit of redesign on her clothes? I can offer my assistance if that’s alright with you!