I created a site to find people to play with. Hope you like and can be of help

I was in the topic: Let’s Brainstorm! Realistic Ideas For GBX To Increase BB Playerbase? and thinking about that, I created a webpage for the community, so we can talk about the game and find people to play with. It will be great if everyone enters so we can find people. I Hope this can help newbies, to find high level players so in that way at least the match can be more equal in level.
The webpage is: www.battlebornmatch.com i think is really easy to use (no signup and real-time chat). Hope everyone can give me feedback.


I was looking into doing something like this for the Battleborn Discord Server (because this would allow you to pool from controlled player information rather than rely on people to input all that information themselves) however the documentation on the APIs sucks and I discovered the developers on the Unofficial Discord API Server were kinda jerks that didn’t want to help me figure out what I was doing wrong :confused:


Yeah, I have stumbled with that sort of things several times with third parties, thats why I created this as a standalone site. The idea is the same, to promote and make easy for newcomers to play the game. You can help me with your feedback and spread the site so more people enters. It would be great if we can create a community there so we can find people to play with.

In fact this was created to help newbies to find high level players and also for everyone that want to know people and play together. =)

Is this set up for PC only?

Looks like its PC only. Since the new Xbone update with clubs and LFG think it will be easier to find players.

Actually Its for PC . But everyone can find people here, tomorrow i’ll add a filter for platforms so users can specify that. =)

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I’ll try to update the site so people can select the platform they use and in that way they can search for people more specifically.

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Cool. Thanks for setting it up.

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Bit off topic what did you use to make it? Or is it all by scratch HTML, CSS, Java. etc?

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Mainly from scratch. Html/javascript/css, node.js and a bit of php =)

I’ll appreciate if you can tell people about the site. I really want to easy find players.

Impressive broski, i dabble a little, but some nice skills i’ll let the jeals flow.

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Thanks for your comment, anyway if this gets a little traction i may need some help

Guys if you can give me feedback it would be great. I saw that people enter and go =( what do you guys need to stay an look for players? o there is no need for that? all feedback is welcome.

I just add the platform option on the site. Now you can select the platform where you play battleborn. =)

Nice site. I’ll spread the word to those that will listen.

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Thank you! i really appreciate the support. We already played a lot from the site and we made a lot of friends! you should enter too.

great idead! keep up the good work and thanks for your effort!

if I may suggest, add German to preferred languages, the german BB playerbase will be grateful :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the good comments. Of course ill add German! if you can invite friends to the site i’ll appreciate it. =) see you soon there.

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you did already (tronixde) :wink:
will do!

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