I decided to open 62 loot packs

If anyone’s interested this is the full list of items I got

Rare Loot Packs (x4)

1x Shot-Lock Stock
1x Metabolic Failsafe
1x Janked Runner’s 'Old Fashioned’
1x Rusted Quick Nanny-Bot Transponder
1x U.P.R Breach Kit
1x 'Matador’
1x Sportsman’s Haurte-Couture Kevlar
1x Synthetic Primed Borgeois Bypasser
1x Primitive Azanti Aventail
1x Drained Eldrid Bio-Weave
1x Rifleman’s Shot-Lock Stock
1x Synthetic Primed Shoulder massager
1x Tempestian Cred Stick
1x 'Easy Money’
1x Erratic Destroyers Tempestian Cred Stick
1x Tough Rejuvenix Booster

Epic Loot packs (x4)

1x Turtlegard Armor
1x Slugish U.P.R Breach Kit
1x 'Matador’
1x Recovering Sidecar
1x Agile 'Hurricane’
1x Janked 'Painkiller’
1x Nano-Repair injection
1x 'Kamikaze’
1x Synthetic Restarting Shoulder Massager
1x Janked Runner’s 'Screwdriver’
1x Atiquated Ekkuni Wristband
1x Corroded Tissue Synthesizer
1x Fortifying Symbiosis Rune
1x Tough U.P.R. 'Hurt Locket’
1x 'Hurricane’
1x Sketchy 'Boilermakers’
1x Spirit of Wind
1x Jarred Recovering 'Sidecar’
1x Swift ‘Corpse Reviver’

U.P.R Loot Packs (x7)

1x Readying Turtlegard Armor
1x Veteran’s Ener-G Power Drink
1x Sluggish Rifleman’s Turtlegard Armor
1x Subtle Bunkermax Booster
1x Anti-Motion Brace
1x Sluggish Nimble Shot-Lock Stock
1x Rifleman’s Turtlegard Armor
1x Sluggish Nimble U.P.R. Breach Kit
The Dance, IV (Benedict Skin)
2x Rifleman’s U.P.R. Breach Kit
1x Sturdy Ener-G Power Drink
Limited Edition (Benedict Skin)
1x Subtle Handyman Multi-Tool
1x Sturdy Double-Time Threads
1x Subtle Hailfire Mags

Rogue Loot Packs (x8)

1x Runner’s 'Screwdriver’
1x Runner’s 'Easy Money’
Gotta Get Down (Reyna Taunt)
1x High-Tailing 'Boilermakers’
1x Swift 'Greyhound’
2x Gambler’s 'Boilermakers’
4x Smart 'Easy Money’
1x Smart Jarred 'Screwdriver’
1x Sketch Swift 'Boilermakers’
1x Tricksters 'Sidecar’
Cloak and Dagger (Shayne and Aurox Skin)
1x Sketchy Gamblers 'Boilermakers’
1x Sketch Swift 'Corpse Reviver’
1x Jared Wily ‘Salty Dog’

L.L.C Loot Packs (x12)

1x Depleeted Overseer’s Platinum-Plated Coil
1x Solid Ostentatious Saber
Partytrick.exe (Marquis Taunt)
1x Rusted Sporstman’s Nano-Repair Injection
3x Lucky Vanadium Battery
1x Depleted Lucky Vanadium Battery
3x Handy Platinum-Plated Coil
1x Wayform Destabilizer
1x Gentleman’s Gilded Pauldron
1x Discounting Platinum-Plated Coil
1x Primed Bourgeois Bypasser
2x Overseer’s Wealth Reduitribution
1x Depleted Handy Wealth Redistribution
1x Bulky Solid Ostentatious Saber
1x Quick Massage Bots
1x Depleted Handy Platinum-Plated Coil
1x Primed Ammo Butler
Spin To Win (Phoebe Taunt)
1x Overseer’s Vanadium Battery
1x Handy Luxury Regulator
1x Starkweather’s Oscilation

Jennerit Loot Packs (x10)

1x Corroded Killer’s Ability Catalyst
1x Corroded Deadly Sustained Siphon
1x Destroyer’s Shard Extraction
2x Violent Endoskeletal Graft
Statecraft (Deande skin)
1x Corroded Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft
2x Deadly Cellular Condenser
1x Reaver’s Synapse Shielding
1x Corroded Killers Optical Implant
3x Violent Endoskeletal Graft
A Pity (Rath Taunt)
1x Killers Endoskeletal Graft
3x Keen Retracting Wristblade
1x Keeper’s Sustainment Siphon
1x Violent Optical Implant
1x Erratic Expert Internal Capaction

Eldrid Loot Packs (X11)

1x Physician’s Ekkuni Scalemail
1x Physician’s Stalken Rounds
4x Healthy Regrowth Serum
1x Healthy Eldrid Bio-Weave
Frost Gigas (Kelvin Taunt)
2x Drained Healthy Eldrid Bio-Weave
Toothpick (Kelvin Taunt)
2x Primitive Guerilla’s Clawshorn Sandal
1x Drained Survivor’s Symbiosis Rune
500 Coins
1x Survivor’s Remedy Box
2x Active Stalker Rounds
1x Physicians Phasic Disruption
1x Stout Ekkuni Wristband
1x Survivor’s Regrowth Serum
1x Primitive Helpful Aztanti Aventail
Springtime (Boldur Skin)
1x Drained Survivor’s Bio-Weave
1000 Coins
1x Antiquated Stout Glyph of Insight
1x Drained Healthy Remedy Box

U.P.R. Commander Pack

500 coins
1x Rifleman’s Turtlegard Armor
1x Busted Troops Rejuvenix Booster

Rogue Commander Pack

Provost (Reyna Skin)
1x Runner’s 'Easy Money’
1x Gambler’s ‘White Lightening’

L.L.C Commander Pack

The Mad Scientist (Klesse Skin)
2x Gentleman’s Ammo Butler

Jennerit Commander Pack

Clubbin’ (Attikus Skin)
1x Killer’s Endoskeletal Graft
1x Corroded Killer’s Endoskeletal Graft

Eldrid Commander Pack

Photic (Alani skin)
1x Survivor’s Symbiosis Rune
1x Antiquated Puglist’s Ekkuni Wristband

Legendary Loot Pack

1x Tempestian Cred-Stick
1x U.P.R. Breach Kit
1x Wayform Destabilizer
1x Makeshift Veteran’s U.P.R. Brain Bucket
1x Deadly Sustainment Siphon


I feel bad for you…for being on console that is.

Just kidding anyways I never understand how people save up packs for me it’s like Christmas where I have to open everything the second the get it because I can’t stand to not know what I will get.


I kept opening packs and I wasn’t getting much luck with skins so I thought I’d wait save and hopefully if get something good! I wanted a few more packs but I just couldn’t wait any longer :joy:

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I’m so excited to watch this later! I’ll try to record what all the items you get are :slight_smile:

I have about 26k and I’m saving up for massive loot buy when the epic comes available to me.

That’s awesome! If you get round to doing it would it be okay if you post it here ? :slight_smile:

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Some people are saving the loot packs for when T2 and T3 faction skins drop.

Can’t bear to watch you selling off so many amazing items. Maybe you just don’t PvP. Saw a couple of perfect roll whites inc glove that are perfect for Capture. Items with red text are some of the best. :frowning:

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I’m not really one for capture, personally I don’t think gear should be used in that gane mode. I don’t think there was anything particularly good in the whites that I would really use anyway :slight_smile:

Didn’t watch it but how many times did you have to clear bank space, im at 199 space and its full contently >.<, need some kinda of “mark” system so i can mark 50 items and sell in one click as apposed to one at a time

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Second this! Allow us to flag and sell all at a go


I kept selling stuff more or less straight away, I don’t feel like I need the bank space to be too big because my loadouts only ever really have the same gear in there :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting all the items! I was just sitting down to watch through the thing when I say you’d updated with a list.

These pack openings are a ton of help for my spreadsheet (items and their attributes, rarity, etc)

That’s awesome! After doing this I wanted to try and decypher the meaning behind all the words liked ‘corroded’ and ‘killer’s’ for Jennerit and what not :slight_smile:

oh! Well, I’ve done a lot of good work here:

I’m still trying to get the formatting just the way I like it, but it’s a good first step :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked into this at all, but aren’t all items rolling with random pre-fix? I suspect as much with Gearbox drops, but are the legendary items rolling the same? Or are they pre-determined stats? I’ve only gotten 1 orange on a roll and 1 from mastering Kelvin.

I think how it work now is all character legendarys are pre determined but the ones you get from packs still have random stats :slight_smile:

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Based on all the information we’ve received thus far, yes.