I demand an operation for Deande's electronic espionage outfit be made8

Ok so you know the Electronic Espionage skin for Deande? The best, must-have, skin? Ok so WHAT IF you made an alternate world where it’s like a futuristic distopia, and you are tasked with like this super secret government mission right? And Deande gets a whole new badass intro cutscene containing the phrase “I’m the whisper in your ear, and the blade in your back!” as she’s killing a boss?

I redrew Deande from the opening with the skin on


Yeah! And even better, what if it turns out it was all just a dream in the mind of Mellka, who accidentally dozed off while wearing her Traveler skin, the best, must-have skin?


Second best

… but impostor tho. Purple fans!

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Thought there was a non-spoken agreement that Balloon/Clown Shane & Aurox was best skin?


I don’t like Imposter at all, Electronic Espionage is clean and cool looking.

And the best skin is now The Last Laugh, with Vampirate a close second.

What’s the last laugh

Orendi’s jester skin. The colours are so cool on it.

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Excuse me I think Whiskeys skins are the best ones!

Said no one, ever.


THIRD BEST!!! ACTUALLY… HELL NAW!!! FIFTH BEST… Naw… naw… still not right… you know what… whatever place that is waaaaayyyyyy down the list after all MY skins, and yes, that includes the default skins and recolors!


Fun fact: the electronic espionage skin adds +5% skill to all team mates.

Turbo fact: the attikus op second skin grants +7% skill damage.

My opinion (which also happens to be a turbo fact): these are the two best skins in the game. I use the ops skin as my regular, but when sh!t is about to go down I swap to electronic for maximum badass points. That said, you are not playing her right without these skins equipped, unless you coordinate your different loadouts for Deande with your skins, as well as class your skins into Pve and Pvp categories just as I have.

Do the same for taunts too, lest you get accidentally rekt out there.

BTW I love the art. Added it to my collection. Gave it a 13.327 out of 10. Only reason it didn’t get higher was because it only had two Deandes.

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Deande approves of this thread…
…that is all…

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I know we’re all kidding around but Electronic Espionage just looks like a silly Tron mess to me. Without the glowing everything.

it’s a track suit with a cape o.0

Only if you get the dancing taunt to complete it lmaooooo

Well of course.

It’s a bundle as far as I’m concerned lmaooooo

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I better see Reptile Foxtrot at least once in that fever dream. That is one sexy reptile.

I swear to god, I have a problem.

Sadly agreed. If the teal bands actually had some slight glowing effect, the skin might actually be halfway worthwhile.