I demand the union of servers! urgently

:disappointed_relieved::tired_face:Hello community I am a very annoying player. Since I bought the game a long time ago and I did not manage to get a game of any mode with more players. The truth was in all the close beta and all caught my attention. But since I acquired the game I could never play in a pvp room in Latin America. Is something unfair because the number of players in this area is decreasing more and more and the creators do nothing about it … I think it’s time to do something and solve that problem quickly since I have the game thrown away For the same subject …
I hope you have the support of the community and help me spread this message. please:sweat::sweat:

game in PC!

Falla Portuguese?
Many of my friends on Steam are in Brasil.

Hey, have you tried changing your download region on steam? You could be able to connect to US servers without much lag at all.

Hi. I’m from chile. And I do not know how to change regions to e.u.u

Ah, Chile is indeed quite far away from the US. Can still try though!
You can change your download region by going to steams settings > download > download region and choosing the desired location.

Might want to try several locations to see what works the best. Paying mind to prime times is also a good idea - probably won’t be finding many matches in the EU region in the early morning hours on Monday, but might just be able to find US matches.

Thank you. But do I have to download the game again?
And the other is that I see many regions of United States … which recommend

No need to download again! The server region should also change in-game without restarting steam, just press cancel when the dialogue box for that shows. (Not super sure about this one though, but so I’ve heard!)
And I’d recommend trying several out, I’m not sure what would be the best for you. Anyone else able to chime in?

YES. What happens is that there are many regions of the United States (New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Luis, etc) and in all I have good latency

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Hi friend.

We have the same problems in Australia. There is no fix coming.

Australian here, feel free to add me if you like rocket_raven95 or Sky Rocket_Raven

What platform? I’m PS4 but I don’t really play much anymore.

Oh bummer, no I’m PC sorry.

There was an active Australia/NZ discord community for BB on PC.

Not sure if it’s still active but you could check it out.

It is. It’s quite small however, we spend more time on US than Aus.