I desperately need help with PC Specs

I’m facing crazy stuttering and FPS drops, i’m also capped at 59-60 FPS. My driver is updated and i’ve tried all sorts of methods but to no avail.

My PC is due for an upgrade, but I could use some advice on what I should upgrade.

GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
i3-8100 CPU @ 3.60 GHz

I’m totally clueless, is it my CPU? My RAM? or an SSD? I just want to play the game lol :frowning:

Your video card is right in line with the recommended specs. However your CPU and RAM is what’s killing it for you. Minimum CPU requirements are I believe an i5 with recommended being an i7.
I dont know about minimum ram but I know reccomend is 16gb. If you look on the epic launcher it will show you minimum and recommended specs.

while the i3-8100 has 4 cores/4 threads (making it similar to old i5’s) it does not have a turbo boost, locking you at 3.6Ghz, and with “only” 4 threads

a good upgrade would probably be an i5-9600
6 cores boosting to 4.3 usually
of course an i7 or better would be obviously nice, but I’m guessing you have restrictions on zou’re budget

I would not recommend upgrading the RAM before upgrading the CPU, except if you have the cash for it
I might even upgrade to a SSD before the RAM too if you have not already, an SSD makes everything better
8GB is still ok, not great, but ok

That said, Borderlands 3 needs some performance fixes, and especially a fix for DX12
Have seen some reviews where especially older/lower end CPU’s benefited a lot from it

I have the exact same card and that card impresses me everytime a new game comes out because it can stil handle them haha. i get around 45 to 60 fps. But i DO have 24 gb of ram and a stronger processor so that hast to be it.

I would guesstimate that your CPU is your weakest link. RAM quantity is acceptable - more would be better but upgrading your CPU and video card will likely help more. That said, I also run a 4-core 4-thread CPU (Haswell i5-4670K) but with a GTX 1080Ti and generally only experience choppiness when loading into an area (waiting a few seconds makes this a non-issue for me). It could be your graphics card is having the bigger influence.

You might try some of the optimizations Hardware Unboxed suggests (if you haven’t already) -

What resolution are you playing at, what settings are you using? I get some drops with an i5-8400 and RTX 2070 @ 2560x1440… vsync disbled on a freesync monitor I usually get around 90-130 fps everything maxed but with volumetric fog set to medium. However the same PC hooked up to my 4k TV in the living room, running at the same 2560x1440 with vsync enabled puts me at 30fps do to the tvs refresh rate… but bumping it up to 4k with 75% resolution scale puts me at 60fps as I imagine that pushes the card more.

SSD will really only help with initial load times.

Are you using MSI afterburner or anything to monitor CPU/GPU/RAM usage?

If so can you post the usage of GPU/CPU, and how much RAM is being used?

Are you using the latest nvidia driver, what driver are you using?

Honestly once the game gets some performance patches you will probably be fine, it’s a bit of a hit and miss honestly. Sometimes the game is butter smooth for me, and other times randomly will start getting major fps drops, and will usually have to restart the game, I’m thinking there is a major mem leak in the game, so I’m curious to see what your ram usage is.

That is a great video. I applaud the work that went into it xD

Don’t listen to the people here, especially ones trying to blame your CPU. They know nothing.

This is a well known and well documented problem with the game on some setups, and it’s happening to people with i7 and i9 processors and both high end Nvidia and AMD video cards. It’s not the RAM, it’s not the CPU, it’s not the video card, it’s the game.

Join the complaints and wait for a patch here.

So instead of listening to sound advice from multiple people about a CPU that is well below even the minimum spec OP should go go bitch and moan about something that could be just a CPU upgrade. How very logical indeed! While you may be right about even super high end system having issues that doesnt mean all problems are the same. Cause I’ll tell you now my 1070, i7-6700, 16gb system has had zero issues. So maybe next time think first before just completely throwing all of us under the bus.

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