I desperately need orendi help

Ok. So I have recently picked up orendi for the first time since buying the game at release. I know I know Shane on me right? But I have some major issues with orendi such as…


That’s been my major deterrent from playing her. If you can’t land pillars your basically setting your team up with a 4v5. Not to mention trying to survive…

So how does one land pillars? Which attack should I use primary or secondary? What gear should I be using? What are some major helix picks I should be considering?

I see so many crazy orendis and I wanna be one!

do you have any alani experience? by chance? it’s just leading your target, like alani’s geyser

Nope. Been putting off both characters since aspects of there kit take a pretty good amount of prediction of your opponent and I have yet to practice that really… Maybe I should pick up Alani first since she doesn’t necessarily absolutely hinge on character movement prediction?

possibly, if you have trouble with her pillars at first focus minion waves as well. at level 4 when i was learning i went with the right hand choice that gives you the second pillar and that helped me at first as well. I didn’t flip to Preamble of pain until i got pillarstorm(level 12 mutation). but just keep trying with it and you’ll get the hang of it i’m sure

Well I have been going preamble cause I been using bolas target finder. I have been focusing minions whenever I see them but I don’t always hit the full group on incursion which makes me sad…

But I will keep trying to get better. It just feels like placing a pillar next to someone means they don’t move into it and placing a pillar on top of someone makes them move out of it… And I distinctly remember really good orendis basically having perfect unavoidable placement…

Maybe I need to be a little more patient with my pillars?

pretty much, pillar to initiate, nullify and pillar again(pushing an enemy into the pillar for bonus points) and i’m thinking of going back to orendi using the lorrian skill spike(7% chance for a skill to deal 50% bonus damage) kind of random but perfect for her chaotic personality and playstyle i think…

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It kinda depends on your play style. I have seen some Orendis who mostly stay back taking on minion waves with their pillars, and only attacking players with their pillars to cut off a weakened players escape, forcing them to either die to the pillar or stay and get killed by an enemy. While I like to take a more active approach, using bounce with me and a lot of jumping to harass players into a corner where they are finished of with a pillar.
One trick with encore, even though I prefer preamble, is to place a pillar just behind them an then place the second one under the opponent, all the while jumping towards them raining down chaos bolts, to the force their retreat.

Also, use her primary fire, her alt is lower in dps and only worthwhile with the mutation and then you forgo other more useful helix choices.

For gear try to get ISIC firmware update or chrono key, they allow you to spam her skills almost non stop, and any skill damage gear.

Hope this helps, also try to get pillatstorm as fast as you can, cuz then her ult literally melts teams down.

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As a master of orendi here are some things that I’ve learned that could help you too.

  1. Usually how I land pillars is I either go for an enemy that doesn’t see me and put it under or behind them. The other way to land them if they are attacking you is to put it behind them and starts shooting them with your autos odds are they’ll move back and hit the pillar.
  2. Get preamble of pain: with preamble of pain even if they don’t get hit by the burst of the pillar they’ll still take some damage. Also it helps with orendis wave clear.
    3 get lets bounce: getting lets bounce and then getting prognostication which makes her nullify reduce the pillars cool down by 12 seconds. Getting these two helixes allows you to launch a pillar launch yourself forward with nullify and blast another pillar then you can follow up with your ult for a finishing blow
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Bola’s is great, but if you can’t land pillars go with Encore and her lore legendary. That should help a lil bit right off. Then, with Encore, put one pillar halfway behind someone (so part of it touches them) and another pillar halfway touching them in front. That helped me at first. With Orendi, gear is really just skill damage, firmware update if you have it, etc.
PRO TIP: there is a glitch. Encore, in contrast to prognosticombos description, does procc prognosticombo twice. I highly reccomend you use them in tandem until you can land pillars or get pillarstorm
Do you take lifesteal? If not, do so.
I’m a master of Orendi who can pull off 20+ kills, 100+ minions and less than 5 deaths. It took me WEEK to learn how to land Geyser. They just felt different. So when you eventually get around to Alani, don’t be surprised like me

You have a slightly different method than I do, but so close. I do prognosticombo and sfp, nullify, sfp ult. Then nullify should be halfway off cd again soon.

Well whatever gets the job done I guess and that’s why I love orendi her level 5 helixes help her ability combos in different ways

True dat! I think I’ll try renaissance next time just for pillar storm.

I don’t like preamble since I think most people react to it like “oh crap I’m getting hit, let me move.” As opposed to sudden burst of damage. Plus how’s it work with her legendary gear? If you miss the pillar it the next preamble damage boosted or the pillar itself. Or when you do the second pillar, will you get the best extra 25% on the pillar and then the next pillars damage is halved from that?

i believe that yes the next pillar is also boosted by 25% including the preamble of pain dot, since the other skills that increase shadowfire pillar damage also increase preamble’s damage. Although, the dot from preamble of pain also negates her gear’s added affect, so if they take damage from preamble it counts as hitting that pillar. Also there is better skill damage gear for Orendi, as missing a complete pillar only nets you a 25% boost in damage, while if you hit the first and then the second pillar you get the full damage of two pillars.

Shield Web Interdictor, Bola’s Target Finder, and Lorrian skill spike are all good options for skill damage gear, or any max roll epic level gear that boosts skill damage.

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Ok so here is where I am at the moment. I like the nullify in any direction option. Taking that means the most use I would get out of level 2 would be to take the blind(do not like the pushback like at all…) I would like to take preamble verses encore as I don’t like the 2nd pillar being the less damage pillar and preamble triggers bolas passive for more damage. At 5 I take the nullify cool down option. And I take the extra skill damage over the lifesteal(which is probably not doing me any good as I die much more often then I prefer… But skill damage!!) I am not entirely sure what I want my other piece of gear to be (bola and a generator atm) but I find that I would be willing to forego more cooldown as I feel like I need practice properly casting and timing my opponents directional movement.

I really enjoy orendi but god damn am I terrible :stuck_out_tongue:
Additionally I don’t have any time to practice her for the next coupla days so I will let you guys(the post?) know how I am doing

Didn’t have enough time to read all the posts here, but a couple quick suggestions based on how I play her:

If you’re aiming at a ranged character and they see you coming, sprint straight at them, drop the pillar behind them and keep charging, most people will instinctively back up.

For a melee character I try to bait them around for a few seconds before I even attempt pillar, make them think it’s on cool down, duck around a corner and drop it on your feet if they’re chasing you, followed by a nullify blind.

Ok so I am feeling a bit better atm about playing orendi. I had 2 matches today where my SFPs where much more satisfyingly on point. I am also getting more used to piloting orendi in the way that I like. As of right now my gear is a shard generator bolas and An epic jennerit battery with some extra skill damage. I am also finding lets bounce to be absolutely paramount for maximum disorientation when coupled with the blind. Preamble has been fine. The extra skill damage over lifesteal has been pretty good too

So far what I have been noticing as how I need to pillar is a combination of situations such as dropping a pillar on a character that was trying to activate the shock turret on overgrowth and letting them commit to either getting the turret and taking damage or to push them into a position away from the turret. Similarly I can pillar a territorial character in a fashion that if they immediately don’t abandon the territory they hold it punishes them. Good old fashioned “suicide” runs into a ranged character where drop pillar, bounce around them with a blind can really be profitable for connecting a pillar and allow me to set up another one shortly there after. The final situation I noticed that I have been taking advantage of has been placing pillars in front of runners taking the shortest possible path back to safety. That’s been quite effective too.

I am having a little trouble dealing with characters like rath though. For troublesome melee character should I be saving my bulls as escapes? They seem to have been really good about dispatching me.

Also how do people feel about Renaissance? Seems ok but I feel like the other options are something I would prefer.

I really appreciate everyone’s feedback so far it’s been sinking in nicely. I made this post partly because when I was trying to learn orendi I had 2 really bad matches with opposing master of orendis that just made me feel really inadequate. I think even after I master her I will probably still be playing her a lot to try to feel like I have ACTUALLY mastered her.

Aim where they’re going to be, not where they are.

Tgats most definetly easier said than done :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember when people feel pressured their first instinct is usually to retreat.

The lower their health or more under fire they are the more effective placing pillars behind them (into their path of retreat) becomes.

Similarly it’s easy to tell when a melee wants to approach, or if a ranged character is strafing/jumping in a pattern.

It’s all about situational awareness.