I desperately need orendi help

Now that’s some awesome information!

I have been having trouble placing pillars when a melee wants me dead. Usually by the time I know they are gunning for me/place my pillar they have already gotten me.

My situational awareness is usually pretty good for whatever role I am playing but playing a mid liner that needs to occasionally move to the front for max value whilst taking the time to properly line up my pillar can give me a solid… Probably about 5 seconds of tunnel vision

Pillars are all about predicting the player. you can’t really place them well unless you are in the enemies head. you need to think about what the players is going to do. Predicting is all about probability. like if you start taking there health down they are going to retreat to the nearest exit so plan ahead and drop a pillar. when there health drops the probability of them retreating increases. you see someone running towards a turret or shards it is really good probability they are going to go to that point, so drop a pillar, etc. predicting to a point is just about practice and learning to see it. I picked up orendi pretty quick but I played soldier for 7 years in tf2 and had predicting figured out. just expect a lot of mistakes. there is no real way around it.

you will also need to learn the cast time of pillar and the different movement speeds of the characters to time them perfectly.