I didn't get any Keys

So I bought the season pass mainly to get Alani but also to get other characters, and I didn’t get a key. I read that other people are having this problem and it’s frustrating me. Does anyone know what’s happening or what to do?

Contact support and open a ticket. You’ll need to provide proof of purchase of the season pass, but you’ll probably also be asked to try unlocking Alani anyway. (Either directly from her character card in the Battleborn menu, or through the Characters tab in the Marketplace.) It might take a couple of emails - they are very back-logged right now. Good luck!


Actually how do I get to Support?


It will take awhile though
The email said that my issue has moved up in priority but they look at the tickets in the order they get them. I have been waiting a few hours but atleast they are trying.


True. I just send in a request?

My proccess was
Sent in the ticket about her not being unlockable
Got told to clear cache
Did as they asked and sent them a reply saying it didnt work
Then they asked me for proof and my support ID
They say the issue will be moved up in priority and be patient
This is where im at now

Just send in the ticket and do as they ask.
Expect a similar proccess

Sorry for the long post

I sent in the proof that I payed for it but I never got a reply after that

Mine just got fixed.
Got six legendary pack too

Lucky lol. So I sent a pic of my transaction history to them but the way I did it was pulled it up on the Xbox and took a pic of it with my phone. I know the directions say screenshot but my Xbox won’t let me screenshot while on explorer… Will they still except it?

I screenshot the purchase confirmation and my purchase history on my computer
It says on the email phone screenshots will not be accepted but they probably will

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