I didn't receive my vip points

I didn’t receive my vip points for playing BL1 a couple weekends ago. Im on xbox one. Also purchased a movie through xbox and was supposed to receive 10,000 points didn’t get those either. Any ideas on whats going on?

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Do you have your VIP account linked to SHIFT, and your XBL gamer tag similarly linked?

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I’m confused about the buying something and getting the 10,000 points.
I looked at Xbox store saw nothing that made me think there was any such promotion. I’m sure it’s operator error because the link on Twitter took me to a place that was jibber jabber no actual selections of potential purchases for the points. I’d like to take advantage so can someone smarter than I assist?

In the movies section.

Yes i have had no problem collecting vip points until these two promotions.

terrible pic but it was in my movies & tv app

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I posted a picture of the advertising on my movies &tv app. Check it out if it works its worth it.

In regards to the Microsoft “buy a movie get 10,000 VIP points” promotion, we’re supposed to get the Diamond code through the XBox Live Messaging Center, not in an email so make sure you’re checking your message center (I bought a movie on Septemeber 5th, still no code).

They also said we should receive it within 10 business days. So there’s a chance we won’t receive it before BL3 even launches. Also says “While supplies last” (which is worrying).

The Xbox code says in the fine print that it may take up to 10 business days to show up. If it doesn’t show up after 10 business days, you’ll need to contact Xbox support. I also haven’t received my code yet after 3 business days.


Also having same issue. Received confirmation of purchase email but nothing stating I will be receiving code within or by a certain day.

My Xbox One promotion diamond code finally showed up, a week later. I’m 10,000 VIP points richer now.

Yeah mine did also. My bee shield finally showed up in game also!