I dislike the way Ava was written and she's the worst character in the franchise

I get they wanted the brash angsty teen that thinks she’s ready to take on more than she really is able to, but I guess to put it simply without writing a novel about the writing, I feel she was all way too trope-y and gave me the “Ugh not this character archetype again”, and they could have done something more creative in pulling off that personality.

She’s the worst character in the franchise by far and it really seems she’s going to be a big role in BL4. Hope to heck they write her better at that point.


I too found her a little too trope y. I dont enjoy interacting with her and I dont look forward to future story with her as a result.

But I do love siren lore so I will still be trying it out.


Give her a break. Her family is dead and she lived in a fart cave.


Yeah… No. Just in 3 Vaughn, Traunt, & Troy are more bothersome.

All of them pale in comparison to Pickle & Janey Springs in the pre-sequel


that was totally a poem !

Pickle never bothered me but I knew people hated him. I got to Ava and was like “oh so this is my Pickle.” I can’t stand her.

Well, her interactions with Claptrap are OK. But I hate young deadweight characters.


When she came up on my screen I immediately thought the same thing. Boring character though I am a tad bit interested in her future only because of the Siren relationships she could have with the rest of the cast

Hated Pickle to death. Hate her less so but not interested in her based on her character alone


I actually really like her so far, her and Clay are my favorite new NPC’s of Borderlands 3 so far.


Stop and consider for a moment that the design goal of her as a character was not to be overly trope-ish but to be precisely annoying in exactly the way that has annoyed you…

They have a consistent theme of turning tropes on their head by clashing the stereotype with anti-thematic elements.

Here we see the trope of the beleaguered youth who would be granted godlike power become a “hero” turned on its head by a total lack of endearing qualities. In fact her character is intentionally repulsive… And a better example for today’s youth because of this. Instead of being overly idealized to inspire a form of being and behavior they do the opposite and let us pick apart the flaws.

No matter who plays the game the overwhelming majority will witness her reactions and behavior as incorrect… And be repulsed by them… As a storyteller this is best for everyone who hears the story.

Everyone can use a reminder of how being a self centered arrogant twerp is terrible.

Edit: also I should mention I would like to throw her into Lava


And she’d be like: “Yeah, that’s right, Lava… you got nothin’!”

Maybe she’ll do something to change my opinion, but so far she amuses me. Troy is the worst so far for me.


I disagree, I don’t think Ava is great, but she’s alright. Quite enjoyed her side mission actually.

Worst character in the franchise? Nah, that’s Pickle by a million miles.

Janey Springs? I thought she was cool, actually the only character in TPS I liked at all.


Imo anyone disliking Ava is way worse off personally. You lack the capacity to understand the character to begin with.


I wouldn’t say she’s a good character, but I don’t hate her. I assume this is her prolonged exposition, and the next game is her character development.
Also, haaaave you met Pickle? Cause I don’t think anybody will take away his title to worst character in the series.


She definitely could’ve been done much better…

What do you got, Ava? You got nothing!

Imo anyone disliking Ava is way worse off personally. You lack the capacity to understand the character to begin with.

“I like this character, and anyone that doesn’t likes it, has low IQ”


I didn’t really dislike Ava, but she’s pretty uninteresting , especially from a franchise that makes a lot of really unique characters.

She feels like a copy of Ezra from Star Wars Rebels to me.

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Sounds like a country song!!

I’m about 90% sure she was written waaaaay to early to change fully. It seems to me that something drastically changed with the writing team right around Eden-6.

The writing and mood in general changed. Prior to Eden-6 it felt like a shoehorned fanfiction. The planet of Promethea and environments was great. Ava felt very cookie cutter (except for that one mission where we retrieve her lost stuff on Athenas).

When we get to Eden-6 and above, it feels like they tried to salvage her character a little, but didn’t have enough time to dedicate more story time to her character. I feel like she’s going to be a LOT more fleshed out in the DLCs. Hopefully they can redeem her character there. Because she does have potential with the right writers.


As a father of four kids I can with 100% certainty say that sometimes kids act EXACTLY like Ava.

Sure, maybe not all the time every day, but absolutely the “trope” of the angsty teenager who thinks they’re ready to take on far more than any sane person possibly could at their age is rooted in reality.

All that being said is she a good character in my opinion? … meh.


Not going to lie I wish I could turn Ava into red mist everytime she utters words. Angsty Emo Teen is one thing I don’t need to listen to, if I wanted that I could take my headset off ask my cousins how they are today. But at least they are trying to connect to the younger generation, gotta give them credit where its due.