I do not know how best to ask a question, but is the relationship between Krieg and Maya canonical?


I do not know how best to ask a question, but is the relationship between Krieg and Maya canonical?

I think so: that video was produced by Gearbox, and there are slight references to it in Echo logs in BL3.

My vote for the best way: “Is meat bicycle tappin’ that siren or just playin’?”

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Maya was friendly towards him, but you have to remember Krieg’s inner voice is only known to him. Any romantic notions were one sided.


Lilith turns Sanctuary over to Ava because Maya saw the future in her. Like it or not Ava us the future of Borderlands. I doubt Krieg would outwardly hate/hurt Ava especially because she inherits Maya’s Siren powers.

Well, Anthony said Maya is asexual. Beyond that, what was mentioned above about One Sided.

Krieg has a thing for Maya that for sure. On the other hand I don t remember anything from game even suggesting it was a mutual feeling.

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IMO…no, it’s not a relationship. Krieg likes Maya but they didn’t REALLY had anything going on for what we know.

We just know that Krieg was mad about Maya leaving Pandora and she said to him that she whould come back…that’s not mutch to work with

Besides…Maya was asexual.

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How is it asexual? I heard that this is only an assumption

The asexual part is actually just the head canon of Martha Harms, Maya’s voice actress. Not that this would be a problem, people often mistake asexuality with no love but it just means that you are not “interested” in sexual acts, not that you can’t love somebody.

That said what I always found more interesting is the fact that Kriegs Loverpalooza letter actually stated that Maya “turned him down”.


that is, they are not in a “relationship”? Krieg and Maya

Well as others have pointed out, it doesn’t seems that way and BL3 is very vague on this.

Well, Krieg having a crush on Maya is most certainly canonical and I believe Maya is at least somewhat aware, although not neccessarily receptive to his feelings. Like, she realizes that Krieg behaves a little differently towards her than to other people but whether she knows that he has a crush on her or whether she just thinks that he somehow reacts to her being a siren is a different story.


As was said before, Krieg can’t put a complete sentence together… the voice is in his head, at best he’s like Maya’s dog. One-sided feelings is not a relationship, it’s more like a stalking situation.

To be fair Krieg knows exactly what is going on its just that whatever he has to say gets twisted to Psycho talk by his split personality. I think the comparison to a dog and a stalker is a little harsh given that the Vault Hunters are still all a team/friends, it’s not like Krieg is secretely following Maya around Sanctuary spying on her without her even knowing who he is.

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Except Anthony has said it, lol

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I just noticed that there are so many artworks where Maya and Krieg are together

Really? That’s news to me, I just know of Martha’s original tweet. Do you have the source by any means? Was it in one of the Inside the box articles?

Stalkers are usually known to their ‘stalkees’ and c’mon, would even know you were being stalked… I didn’t for a long time.

And I talk to my dog before I leave for work just like Maya talks to Krieg before leaving for Athenas in the log.

You guys are way too invested in this but that’s just my opinion.

OK, ignoring all else and going back to the OP question:

DLC4 has been (almost) confirmed as a Kreig related DLC.
To answer the OP… at the moment, based on the Krieg trailer for BL2 and the echo logs found in Konrad’s Hold in BL3, Maya and Krieg have a “thing” but there is no canonical story to say they are in love, in a relationship or any other commitment.
It seems they “like” each other but any relationship has only ever been hinted at.
I ABSOLUTELY want the next DLC to expand on that story and fill in those questions you ask.
Here’s hoping !