I do not truly understand the weapons ratings

Here is a gun photo i borrowed from Skavenger -

Great weapon, useful for Zane, yet a really low score. Yet i see junk with rating close to 600 or more that no one wants to play with.


The Item score was added more for new players that aren’t aware of things like different gun parts etc. but it is quite frankly useless.

Just an example there are legendary class mods, with just the right stats for your build that you can find very early on and carry with you till the Mayhem levels yet when you find the same one at LV. 50 its item score will be like 300 points above the low level one just because it is LV. 50.

Hope that makes sense.


Scores and even stats don’t reflect well on a weapons abilities. I really hate the scores on weapons. I’m constantly selling a weapon with a higher score than the same weapon I’m keeping. For instance, a Cutsman with a scope will have a higher score than one without. Even if it has less damage. Well I don’t need a scope on a Cutsman so I’m keeping the higher damage one. Just a loose example.

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Things that influence a guns weapon score are all listed on the card. The gun damage (not DPS) improves the score, elemental damage will raise it farther, and anointments even more so. Red text dose not impact score but secondary stats on the card will if they Involve damage. Gun rarity dose impact scoreSo basically while you are leveling and your new you can quick look at them on the ground to give you an idea of if it may be better then your current gun.

Don’t worry Gearbox don’t understand gun ratings either :joy:


Its pretty much an excuse for Gearbox to call the game “fully accessible to newcomers” ie people they don’t think will actually take the time to read whats on the item card.

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