I do not understand how beating Haderax is possible

I am a level 80 Siren and have been trying to beat Haderax for two days. I have tried every cheese in the book. I tried the one hit kill glitch (didn’t work, lost all my money dying 50 times). I tried the cheese spot up by one of the holes in the wall. I tried the cheese spot by the Dahl crate.

Nothing works. When I watch these videos on YouTube, these people absolutely MELT Haderax once they get him down. No matter what I do - EXACTLY what they do - I get at most 50% of his health down when I go for the final melting assault.

All I can think of is that their slags are lasting twenty seconds somehow. Whenever I slag him - or try to slag him, since there’s about a 95% chance no slagging will work no matter how often you hit him with it - it lasts about… oh, three seconds? Five seconds? Barely long enough for me to hit his crit spot.

By the time he’s down, the slagging is gone, and I have to try to slag him again, which normally doesn’t work or takes twenty seconds, and then he’s gone.

Nothing works how it works for these people in the videos and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’m Beehawking for kill shots (“kill” shots, I should say), Grogging for slag (this is a huge piece of crap and never works), and that’s it.

Everyone makes it seem so simple, and again, I don’t understand how these people are just draining all his power in five seconds.

This is the most frustrated I’ve been in any boss fight in any game I’ve ever played.

Why won’t the Grog Nozzle slag him? Why does the slagging last three seconds? How is anyone supposed to kill him with those kinds of numbers?

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Do you have fire Conference Call? It should help.

I’m in no way an expert on these things and this probably sounds dumb but are they and are you playing on UVHM? Because then Slag is heavily boosted to last three times as long and gets boosted to 200%

Indeed, I have everything. Perfect flying fire sandhawk, fire conference call.

Help. I’m open to all suggestions.

Yes I am in UVHM. This is what is so mystifying to me. How can I fire ten shots from a Grog straight into him and he doesn’t get slagged? and when he does it lasts three seconds? Something doesn’t smell right here.

He is very hard to slag.

So - I don’t mean any disrespect to any content creators by this - but the videos on YouTube are bending the truth?

They don’t just make it seem easy; they outright say, “It’s really easy.” And when I see them do it, by golly, it looks really easy.

But then I try to imitate it… things just do not work how they do in the “easy” demonstrations. I’ve seriously lost upwards of 300 million dollars fighting and dying to this guy. I stop when I can’t afford ammo anymore.

But honestly - if he’s so hard to slag, how are people farming him? How come I see these dudes just fire off a couple of Grog shots once and then down him a minute later?

Did Gearbox do something? Has he been buffed?

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Sorry to be no help but you can just save and quit while your down (before respawning) and you will lose no money.

I understand, but then I’ll lose 20 eridium starting the fight again, and my eridium will go faster than my money, considering how often I die.

It’s a trade-off.

I’m just about to conclude that this is impossible. Has anyone here done it recently with a level 80+ Siren?

Sorry, I totally forgot that you need to pay a Eridium fee to fight the Raid bosses. :man_facepalming:

I don’t recall how the Haderax fight goes, atleast with the Dragons and Terramorpheus this was possible by just staying in the area.

You’re good, man, and I appreciate you replying to me at all.

Guess I’m just 10 months late to the party and everyone has kind of moved on from Haderax.

I really don’t want to beat him by dropping down to NVHM and making it easy for myself. I need to know that this can be done. Or at least I need to know why what’s working for others doesn’t work for me.

I’m still interested in the conference call suggestion. I’m trying to try it out right now from one of the cheese spots, but truthfully he kills me 9/10 times before I can even get to them, so it’s taking a while.

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Here is my kill with CC. You can kill him in couple seconds with Lady Fist and CC combo.

I have no idea what I just saw. Man…

First, how did you not get wrecked by his acid or by worms?

Second, what are those grenades, and how did you take off so much when you hit his mouth crit?

That’s the thing for me - whenever I make it to that phase, the damage is a dud. I get 50% of his power down if I’m lucky.

And what’s the COM you’ve got on? Is that important?

Where can I get these grenades?

EDIT: Another thing - I’ve noticed that when I try to hit him with my CC it does no damage at all. Like, totally useless. I have to be doing something wrong. Even when you hit him with it when he’s not slagged, it still does enough damage for it to show up. For me? Hardly a sliver. (It’s level 80 fire, so… there shouldn’t be a problem).

It’s thank to Bee shield, it adds a lot of damage. I was hiding beneath the rocks to avoid slag attacks.
Haderax always will show in the third hole so just look where he is jumping and wait for him at the next one.

I’m using a bee shield.

I almost killed him with the CC. Magazine is too small. Had to reload, he flew away and healed.

That was almost a rage quit moment.

I wish you all could see how damn near impossible it is to slag him, just to let me know if what I’m seeing is unusual. I will literally empty an entire Grog clip into him and he won’t get slagged. Total, complete, utter BS.


Well, I can report that I finally did it, though I can’t say it was attributable to anything but dumb luck. Feels bad, man.

To elaborate: sometimes, randomly, when you screw up killing him (or rather, when I screw up killing him, as I always do), and drain a third to half of his power, he won’t summon his annoying minions and go off and heal. I don’t understand why, but it happened to me around three times, giving me, in effect, a do-over mid-fight.

The first two times I still couldn’t finish him off, but this time I managed to do it - with the Beehawk. As mentioned above, I came very close with a CC one time, but the mag is just too damn small, and personally I find it very hard to aim precisely with it. So it was ride or die with Beehawk.

It doesn’t feel like an accomplishment, because I didn’t do anything different than before. Haderax the Insufferable just bugged out and the game finally decided to register my sandhawk blasts to the abscess in his mouth as crits. “Relief” is the right word - I’m happy to be done with it.

Incidentally, the game seemed to be mocking me with its drops, since it gave me a dozen or so slag weapons, including a legendary invader, several plasma casters, and a slag singularity grenade mod. I did not find this very amusing :frowning:

I also thought it was pretty stupid how the worms did not stop spawning after Haderax bit the dust; I had to keep killing them as I ran around trying to check my loot.

The worst part about it is I have no wisdom to impart for anyone in the future who unknowingly steps into this quagmire. I don’t have any advice for anyone who chances upon this thread in the future. All I can say is that I found the cheese spot by the hole in the wall on the right to give me better odds than the one by the Dahl crate. And you have to absolutely nail, dead-on, Haderax’s crit spot in his mouth, or else you’ll hardly do any damage. You’ll think you’re nailing it, but you’re not. You’ll try to get a better angle from the front, but in those few seconds he’ll shut his mouth and float away on fairy dust, glad to have met you.

And to those who listened to my pleas and laments here, and offered what they could to help - you’re golden. It isn’t your fault this fight is a rancid absurdity. In other words, thank you.


Thus far I’ve only done this fight in NVHM with my toons that had finished TVHM (so I was ~53/54 v. level 40ish Haderax). First time, with Axton I was confused why he kept seeming to heal and I couldn’t kill him even after surviving in there for like 20+ mins. Finally read up a bit and learned about how incendiary suppresses his healing. Once I learned that, rest was pretty easy. I used his diving thing to catapult myself high up onto the cliffs and so was pretty safe from his minions (you can and will get hit by one of his attacks+Spore minions, but that is probably manageable with the right gear). The rest is just being persistent at applying incendiary DoT when he goes pathing through the arena so he doesn’t heal. Most recent time I did this fight was w/ my Zer0, and I had an incendiary Lady Fist, which killed him in about 400 total rounds fired (including killing minions and such).

My approach doesn’t lead to fast kills but, imo, it should be pretty consistent at least on OP0 (level 80 UVHM or TVHM/NVHM), provided you have proper gear and raid spec for your character.

Thanks for the reply, Frightning.

I did eventually come to understand that putting DOTs on him in his fleeing and healing phase was the key to stopping him from becoming a perpetual motion machine; the problem was (is) always that I just can’t consistently get the DOTs.

The sandhawk is far, far too slow, even in the flying variant (which I have). It just sucks ass in this fight, except when he’s lying prone with his mouth open. The damage is tremendous, but its laggardly nature is, I gather, one reason why people prefer the CC in this fight.

Incidentally, I’m very underwhelmed with the sandhawk as a raiding weapon. I fought Leviathan a couple of times today to remind myself of what a fair fight feels like, and the flying sandhawk was too slow even for him. I just BeePimped him to death.

But to return to my dolorous theme, the problem I had (have) with Haderax is the ridiculous difficulty of getting DOTs on him, be it with fire or slag. And as I said above, even when I managed to turn his scaly ass purple, it only lasted five seconds at most. So, basically, he’d get the slag and it’d be over before he went from one hole to the next.

I’ve got the cheese spots down pat - that’s not the issue. I simply don’t understand how to reliably get fire/slag DOTs on him. I’m not sure I understand how to use the Grog properly, I admit - I deliberately avoid getting it and using it (not my style), and I only got it specifically because of my exasperation with Haderax the Intolerable - but it can’t be much more complicated than “point it, shoot it, color it purple,” can it?

I don’t know. One of the commenters above, in his video, seemed to get much better results with slag grenades, so maybe a magic missile or whatever would be more reliable.

And I do get that raid bosses aren’t exactly designed to be solo’d, though they’re not designed to preclude it either. Frustration is part of the game, and I endured it like a good Vault Hunting soldier with Dexi, Hyperius, & Co., but found a way to finesse around Maya’s inherent raiding disadvantages (most notably, the uselessness of her action skill). But with Haderax… it’s the healing, and what seems to me to be very, very poorly implemented hit boxes and responsiveness. The whole thing rubs me the wrong way - frankly, the Hector fight did as well. It’s a problem that crops up in this DLC more regularly than I’d like.

Believe it or not, I don’t have a Lady Fist yet. I haven’t finished my UVHM game, not because I can’t, but because I’m trying to savor it. I deliberately leveled up to 80 before beginning it so I could play it without having to worry about dumping and upgrading my arsenal every five levels. I love it. But the point is, I’m not at the Arid Badlands yet, so no Lady Fist.

What I want to ask is how exactly you’d get fire DOTs on Haderax during his flee-and-heal phase sans Lady Fist. Sandhawk is too slow, as noted; Pimpernel is a sniper rifle and wouldn’t work. Would a fire bitch do the trick? Do the projectiles travel fast enough? In theory, the fire CC would be ideal, but the weapon is so inconsistent for me in this fight. Sometimes I do great damage on his crit spots with it; but when it comes to just draining him with body shots, I detect no damage at all, and so, I’d assume, no DOTs.

I’m not eager to do the fight again, but I am eager to do my best to change my opinion of this boss fight. I want to see the good in it - some people think it’s brilliant - as it would only add to my immense enjoyment of BL2. If I can find some way to get more consistency in the results of an already clearly sound strategy, I’d change my tune happily.

So what would you suggest? Should I even bother trying to slag him? (I ask because, in fact, when I killed him the one time, I did not manage to slag him with the Grog.)

I would imagine you should try to slag him, but specifically when he pops up and exposes himself. As for keeping fire DoT on him during the tunneling/healing phase. This is where being up high was extremely helpful. You don’t need to get critical hits, the only thing that is actually important in that phase is doing your damnedest to keep him DoT’d with incendiary to prevent the healing. So any weapon that had appreciable Rate of Fire, Incinerate chance and accuracy is a good option. (Lady Fist, just happens to hit all those marks, hence why I used it with Zer0; I used something else with Axton when he did it, I don’t even remember what, might have been a purple some type).

Maya does seem to me to be the least naturally suited to raiding of the 6 BL2 VHs. That said, every vault hunter can solo every raid (some are very hard on OP10, I imagine, but on OP0/level 80, everyone has options to get at least somewhat consistent kills, barring even glitch abuse like pimp/ahab and such).

One question for you is this: how long do you survive for in there, on average? I found with all the raids, if you aren’t managing to stay alive for at least minutes at a time, either your strategy for the fight, or gear aren’t right for it, and something should be adjusted. The Bee can be a double-edged sword in raid boss fights. On the one hand, paired with the right weapons, it allows for obscenely high damage output. On the other hand, that only works if you avoid taking damage entirely (otherwise the amp is down until it has fully recharged), and it’s a paper thin shield for how long it’s recharge delay is. It tends to do poorly on raids that will stat-check your hitpoint pool or have can’t be dodged attacks that are fairly frequent).

The Grog Nozzle, on anyone that isn’t Salvador isn’t necessarily the best slagging tool, but it does have something almost unique: healing for a % of damage you deal while held. Note that unlike the moxxi weapons, which are maybe 10% or so at most, this is iirc, 65% of damage deal. So what it’s most useful for is rapid healing back above heal-gate (and ideally to full health) so that you can’t be 1-shot into FFYL. I found that raid boss fights basically require some way to efficiently rebuild your health pool or you will struggle to survive for very long.

Lastly, regarding Phaselock. It’s not entirely useless in the Haderax fight because there are minions, but they are of the variety where you can use Phaselock for immediate damage, but not suspend them with it, which means skills that work ‘while you have an enemy phaselocked’ like Elated and Wreck won’t be usable, but skills that trigger from ‘phaselocking an enemy’, are still usable, such as Helios and Ruin.

I can survive as long as I please. My issue is being unable to kill the SOB, which leads to staying in there for longer than I please.

Usually when I die it’s because (1) he heals, so I give up and commit suicide by worm or spore, or (2) I get impatient and wind up getting one of his corrosive DOTs on me, and fail to health gate before being pin-cushioned with slag darts.

My strategy boils down to the cheese strategy detailed by several YouTubers over the past year, and the point of it is to kill Haderax before he heals, so as not to have to worry about DOTing him. On the one hand, it does work - it’s how I killed him. On the other hand, it’s unreliable and inconsistent, so I would love to have a Plan B, which would involve having a consistent way of dealing with Haderax when he goes to heal.

Now, you are the first to tell me that the absolute skeleton key to unlocking the DOT on Haderax when he goes to heal is incendiary, not slag. I find this encouraging because of my oft-noted travails trying to slag him. Would a Nirvana work? It has nice splash, doesn’t it? How can I tell I’ve DOT’d him successfully with an incendiary weapon?

The kill in the video is using either Crossfires (Seraph vendor in torgue DLC) or Bouncing Bonnies (world drop legendary) grenades for slagging, these are very useful for bosses that tend to be hard to slag or drop slag quickly as they keep bombarding them with elemental projectiles.

Regular Dahl or Bandit Bouncing Betties are a less powerful but still good alternative if you can’t get them